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We were out on our walk, coming home, when I heard a buzzing sound coming from Goo (seemed that way anyway), and Goo suddenly started cowhopping all around, kicking her feet and jumping sideways, apparently trying to evade the furiously buzzing attacker. She finally managed to escape, and I went to go back to inspect... she wouldn't go back, planted her feet and did her best bag-o-cement impression. I let out a bit more leash, and she cautiously crept back with me (several feet behind me, of course). I found, in the middle of the street, a large locust (or maybe they're Cicadas(sp?), they're big green/black bugs that hatch out of shells... :o ). I thought maybe she'd killed it in her attempts to get away from it, so I nudged it with my shoe. It started buzzing again, and Goo promptly took shelter between my feet (I had crouched down to see what it was, so she has to squeeze herself under me). I nudged it again to move it into the light (still wasn't sure exactly what type of bug it was), and hopefully show Goo it was only a bug, when it flew up against my leg. Goo went crazy, dove the rest of the way out from under me, with me attached to her collar, chasing the poor bug down in the middle of the street (this was a dead end street, and it was 2am, so not much chance of us getting ran over). It was almost comical to watch her, she didn't know whether to bat at it with a paw, or to bite at it, and was thoroughly confused by that point. I decided to leave the poor bug alone before it had a heart attack (not sure if bugs can even do that), but when I started walking towards home, Goo was frozen yet again. Apparently she was afraid it was going to seek revenge as soon as she turned her back, so she stood rigid in the middle of the road, glancing dubiously at the bug, then at me, then back at the bug. I had to get behind her and give her a shove before she finally started walking.. even then she kept turning her head to make sure it wasn't in pursuit, and kept spooking at leaves blowing by and rattling. Of course, I didn't help matters by pointing out a few small, especially rattley leaves and saying "whassat!?" :roll: :lol:

We didn't go for a walk tonight because she got her vaccs today and it's been pouring rain all night, but I'm hoping she'll have forgotten about her little experience by tomorrow night, because I don't feel like saving her from every bug we happen to pass.

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too funny Goo!!!!

Jarvis didnt like them either.....and we had one of those 7 year cicada deals here while he was alive, where they all hatch at once and there's
hunderds of them on all the tree's....and they buzzed constantly....
he would bark at the trees but wouldnt go near them....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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