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Please say a prayer for Charlie


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Charlie is a husky mix that my animal rescue group has had for over a year. Because he does not care much for cats or other dogs, he has not been able to be placed with a foster home and has yet to find a family. (He is also a very large dog.) Being in a kennel for so long has not done him any good, and we are at the point where we may need to make a decision soon as to whether or not to euthanize Charlie.

One of our volunteers is going to foster him for a few weeks, work with him intensely and see if he improves. Please pray for poor Charlie that he finds a loving family! He is a sweet dog, and he will be a blessing to the right family if they have a lot of patience and no other pets.

You can see Charlie's photo here: [url]http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action=2&pet=1762610&adTarget=468doggeneral&SessionID=3f5de43f7fb9008d-app2&display=&preview=1&row=0&tmpl=[/url]

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Oh, Sanvean! I remember Charlie's photo from when I was going through the phase of deciding whether or not to get another dog after Max's passing. He is so handsome, but couldn't have come to live here since we have two cats and a big male dog.

I will say a prayer for Charlie. He deserves a chance at a decent life. God bless his foster family..... :angel: I hope Charlie does well.

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