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Southeastern PA & NJ DOG, RESCUE and PET EVENTS!

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Guest Anonymous

As a volunteer rescue transporter who loves to attend these events, I have found locating rescue events a never ending, grueling task because I generally have to visit each rescues web site to know where the rescue fairs are.

I doubt the average family would know to do this or even have the time to intensely search their region when seeking local fun and educational events to attend on the weekends.

As you know, many of these untapped families may be potential fosters or adopters. So, I created this new outlet. I hope you will in time find it to be very valuable and use it often. It was just created, but I am working very hard to promote it and help it grow to become a notable tool to our communities.

Southeastern PA & NJ DOG, RESCUE and PET EVENTS!

This is the only central place on the web for Southeastern PENNSYLVANIA & NEW JERSEY FAMILIES to locate local family oriented, PET RELATED ACTIVITIES - and for regional ANIMAL RESCUE GROUPS to announce all their LOCAL ADOPTION & EDUCATIONAL EVENTS.

! Families do not need to join, just click to read the Event posts.

RESCUES: This is the place to inform and educate your communities about your group, so please be sure to introduce this site to your community as a regular place to visit to learn about your events!

Many Thanks - Peace & Safe Travels
Terry (Firewife)
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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