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Meet my new baby!!

Mary's Mama

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So we decided to just take the leap and get the puppy. Here is Finny (that's his litter name). We need to pick a new name for him but would like it too include "fin" somewhere. I'm so excited!!!


Heres a good pic of his spots:

Look at how tiny his legs are LOL!!

Wish me luck with [color=red][size=6]3 Jack Russells!![/color][/size]

Have I just made my death wish?? :wink:

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Thanks everyone. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Just hope he fits in, although his grandma says he will and she should know.

Right now we are at Griffin or Findley, and we are thinking about other names as well. Throw out your favorite boy name if you like. We had Stewie's name picked out before there was a Stewie, we are stumped with this one.

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