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How long after neuter can he RUN?

C. Weim

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I got my weim neutuered last wed., so its been almost 6 full days of LOW activity: no hard running, no pulling me on my skateboard etc. etc..
I was wondering, is it too early to take him on a REAL run? 2-3 miles to give you an idea. Im just curious, cause I know hes dying to run and ive got the urge aswell :). Thanks


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How in the hell do you keep them from running, or for just being dogs for that matter?

MY BC buddy was neutered the night before I picked him up and he was in full motion the very next day. He had no problems or issues that insued.

I will say that spaying is a different issue but Cody, spayed, was up and going in a day.

Did I do something wrong or am I just lucky that the dogs didn't hurt them selves.

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