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Pavement Blazer!

C. Weim

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Hey All!
I figured id share my technique for running my two beasts/ attempting to wear them out.
I leash em both up and mount up onto my skateboard. Its a 36" long Sector9 longboard which is easier to control at these high speeds as opposed to a normal shortboard.
Once I get that thing pointed down the sidewalk WE'RE OFF! I swear we hit 20 mph before the first turn!!
I usually run em 2-3 miles a day with this technique. Belle the golden falls back about halfway through and Caesar my weim ends up puling us both. Im gonna take a few days off though since Caes just got his jigs hacked off. But once he's healed up ZOOM ZOOM!

Hehe, Its a blast for all 3 of us. I stop every so oftena nd let em play around in the lakes and cool off.


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Sounds like fun! Just the other day I saw a guy on rollerblades and his pittie was pullin' him down the street, he was flyin'! I wish I could do somethin' like that with Abs, but she'd probably pull me into the street or somethin' and get us both killed......... :roll:

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Guest Anonymous

God I'd die on a skate board. At least on my scooter, I have a little more control. And it's fun as hell. And my dog loves it. It gives her a chance to wear out energy, and for me to do nothing but stand there.

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I hope they aren't pulling by their collars- too much stress from pulling on a collar can cause tracheal problems- there are plenty of places on the web that sell pulling harnesses for under 20 dollars a piece. If you guys are going to be pulling that much, a harness would be a good idea. Also watch their paws for cracks between the toes and in the skin between the toes. Happy trails!

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