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Are here more of the Bernese mountain dogs owners?


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I'm very interesting about this breed and want to share one's experience with other Bernese mountain dogs owners.
I want to know more about the marking. :question: :question: :question:

:sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:


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They are very rare around here, there are only two Bernese rescues in the whole country (that I could find) and they rarely have dogs for adoption - which is good. Thankfully the millers and bybreeders have not got their hands on this breed yet. There was one who was in the other training class at our obedience school - I never realized they were so big - the feet where unbelievable.

Tell us more.

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Thanks for replies :)
I can tell a lot of stories with my Bernese (and cocker of course), but I am not good in English, it take a lot of time from me, so I don't write a lot... :oops: :roll:
Oktava isn't very big, her height - 61cm, weight - 35-37kg. She is cheerful and agile, I think she can do Agility. She don't carting (I havn't cart :oops: ), but she with peasure carry a bag 8) , she love it.

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Guest Anonymous

The hubby took years of training ( with a cattle prod, tee hee) !!
I think the slob could be a new building material. Once it has dried and set onto the walls, all the scrubbing in the world seems to take off the paint. But... oh no.... the hard lump of slob seems invincible!!! :lol:

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Hi [b]bear[/b]!
So nice to hear about you!
Your berners are males or females? How old are Your berners? Can you post some pictures of Your dogs?

Oktava isn't slobber (maybe a little), my cocker is more slobber :lol:

Here are a lot of hairs then she is sheding :o , but not after :D

To all berners lover!
I found the forum for Bernese mountain dogs [url]http://www.workingdogs.se/board/[/url], but it's new and empty :roll: , I'm inviting all berners owners and lovers fill this forum :wink:

Now my website is in english too :BIG:

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Guest Anonymous

Hi Lina

I am owned by 2 big boys :lol:
One is 15 months old and the other is 12 months old.
They are not from the same breeder but they do share a grandmother.

My eldest Marley is short and stocky with thick fur and a trim bib.
He also has very neat knickers and a big bum ( much like his owner :lol: )

Oscar is tall and very long in the body. He has a very hairy messy bib and long wispy knickers.

Character wise, they are just the same.
They are full of mischief and a pleasure to watch.
They are best of friends and never leave each others side.

My friend also has a berner. He is huge :o
At 2 years old, he is 12 stone!!

Another friend of mine has 2 berners, both are 12 years old.
As you can see we are berner lovers around here!

Getting a digital camera for christmas, so I will be able to take some up to date piccies.

Merry christmas and a happy new year to you, your family and your bundles of joy.


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