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Sally & Rocket finally have a home page at least. It has taken me forever to decide what the Kennel name will be. Let me know what everyone thinks. It's just a home page but it's a start.



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[quote name='hillside']I have nothing to say to you Rosebud, except that you are evil.
and now even though it is only 10 am where I am I now need to go :drinking: heavily. My liver is cursing your name.

:lol: Me evil, how can you say that.

I only want the best for my Ridgies. A very proud momma.

:wink: I can't help it if you have a serious weakness for the breed. So what type of RR do you prefer substance or refinement?


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[quote name='hillside']Well I'm not sure, but make sure Elsa keeps Savannah well away from me... I might be forced to "borrow" lil miss red nose.[/quote]

You do know that Savannah is her brood bitch and Zaire is her stud dog! Of course there will be no breeding of brother and sister.


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