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puppy mill in NC busted


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I don't know if anyone heard about, or remembers, that older lady in Union County, North Carolina, who was busted for a puppy mill--she had over 250 starving, dirty, sickly dogs on her property. Well, two days ago the news ran an update on her story--she has been ordered to pay over 37,000 dollars for the vet bills for those little dogs, as well as community service! yay! I'm glad all those little dogs got some justice...and now they can be adopted out, finally!

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I think so...I was astounded she had to pay that money, I barely heard the rest of the broadcast...she had been busted twice before and allowed to walk free, and this time she had the audacity to go before the court and say the dogs were not abused and that she deserved them back!! She cannot have them back, and I beleive she isn't allowed to own anymore...I'll have to check...

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Guest Anonymous

I live in Charlotte and know many people involved in the case. This is the email we received last week and the link to the local news coverage.

[quote]Here's the article from the Observer. More accurately, the dogs can
be placed with new owners once the judgement is entered UNLESS her
attorney files notice of appeal ... which he undoubtedly will. So
there's a good chance that they'll have to stay in foster homes for
another 18-24 months. You can help be donating to the Humane Society
of Union County, PO Box 101, Monroe NC, 28111. Check out their
website [url]www.hs-uc.com[/url] to see if you can help with in-kind donations
of supplies, equipment, etc. HUSC is a 501(c)(3) charitable
organization, tax deductible, I'm not sure why their URL ends
in ".com" rather than ".org". It just does.


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