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Sometimes I think the world would be better if there were more dogs then people!!

Just going to rant for a second....

A neighbour that I have never talked to came over today to give me information on Weims because he thinks I should read into what "kind" of dog we have. He had one years and years ago (So he told me) it he was a disaster. This man has never even talked or gave Colby a pat on the head. He just sits accross the street smokes about 2 packs a day and watches everything.
His Wife died last year and maybe he has too much time on his hands and he's lonely, but does this have to be our first conversation???

I'm sorry but I think any breed is a good breed with the proper socialization and training, Bad experience or not. I was going to ask how well his was trained and socialized but I didn't want to get into it.

It just makes me mad :x

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[color=darkred]Stacer you will find people like that who do nothing but critise what others have. You are best to not get involved with this man unless he seems nice about it, it seems strange that he as never made any attempt to fuss your dog at all, having had one himself...and it is those owners who can be bothered that have a well behaved dog. It seems he never had time for his dog or lack of interest to train it etc if it was that much of a disaster.
Its quite understandable if his Weimaramer came from a rescue because they do need work but from a breeder...those sort of people I dont have time for, its just waste in my eyes to why have one in the first place.

Just do your own thing Stacer, unless you want to ask him about the dog he had....ignore what he says if he says something really nasty about the breed..a dog is what you make it not how it was born. Some people will try and convince you that certain breeds are a bad idea....but if that was the case, there would'nt be any good breeders around would there ?
Take people with a pinch of salt.

GOOD LUCK [/color]

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Every one has had a bad experience in their life with a dog..and some times people are correct when they refer to some of the problems they have had with a certain breed...some behaviors are hard wired into some breeds ...how many people have I heard complaining about their border collies with the eye stalk and chase and the energy they have... :lol: a border collie when they show the "eye" can be a diasater for a family but a wonderful dog for herding sheep, or when some one purchases an APBT that is dog aggressive, or a hunting dog which is always trying to retreive objects etc - these are all typical hard wired motor patterns which all the training and socialization in the world is not going to change..you just have to find constructive channels for this motor pattern for the particular breed...some dogs are not as motivated by their natural motor patterns as others so we can't glump them all into the same natural behavior patterns that can some times cause us as humans such distress...

I have had Newfoundland dogs in the past which I could not keep out of the water and would go for the splash...once a girl was playing and splashing around and my male went out and "saved" her! :lol: my Newf's that I currently own will not go in the water.
For the most part...that is why we have purebred dogs so we can have some idea of what we are getting our selves into....all the socialization in the world is not going to stop a hard wired motor pattern from starting.

I think some people have had problems in the past with a breed and like to share it with others to save them greif...there are some bad dogs and good owners...the only problem was the owner did not know what motor pattern they were purchasing....I know a lady who has a retreiver which will retreive ducks...his motor pattern is very very hard wired...he actually jumped out of her car window after a duck in a very dangerous river with bad undertows and currents...they had to send a rescue boat out to save it...she has owned many dogs and is a wonderful owner...but, she can't train this out of her dog...she will just have to get used to is and start duck hunting!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: or put the dog in some agility to get rid of that excess energy.

I would not feel bad about the man coming over to you to give you some advice...he is probably lonely and this was his way of having a conversation.

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Guest Anonymous

You wouldnt believe how many people approach me when I am walking one of my APBTs. They all know so much more about my dogs than I do. Not one has ever asked about my bloodlines. Had one guy argue with me saying my dog was an AmStaff. When I told him my dog is a purebred APBT he still continued to argue. Saying he knew the difference. I informed him my dog had no Staff in him and told him he is ADBA registered and I could, if he would like, inform him of my dogs 7 gen pedigree as to prove him wrong. Guy said the ped had nothing to do with it but that my dog is an AmStaff. Told him I must have been dealing with AmStaffs my entire life instead of APBTs without knowing it and continued on my way.

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