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13 Breeds of Dogs?

Guest Anonymous

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I would vote for Rio as Mutt of the month.

Can Colby have her own month??? PLEASE


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I would put a weimaraner on there.
Heres a pup that would love to be looked at everyday. :D


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OHH, your rio is very very cute!! :angel:

Well HazelNutMeg...I am stealing your idea. You got me inspired!! I have picked some breeds and now I need pictures and info on these...it was so hard to narrow it down...I piced my favs...note that there are only two little dogz. Sorry I like the big bad dogs :D

Akita or Husky

Pit Bull

Lab (all colors)

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Golden Retriever ( well I got the pics for that one!!)

Border Collie

Bernese Mountain Dog




Brittany Spaniel

and of course MUTTS (americas dogz) I just need cute pictures.

I am still up to changing my mind but this list is what I thought of I am off to do more research...I am looking for pics that have the permission of the picture owner to use in other things,
Thanks all,

(I am also going to put together a calander for rare breeds...any I should definetly picture?)

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Guest Anonymous

:o :o :o Golden, I'm in shock! :o You didn't say the boxer!!!! :x :lol:
Hey, just thought of another must add - the basenji, they are the most stunning dogs to look at and they are also very interesting to learn about!
Oh, and Dingos too, so cute!
Pyranean Mountain Dog, oh how i wish i could own one of them!
Schipperke, Neapolitan Mastiff, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Sarloos Wolfhound, Puli.... all dogs I wish I could own!!!! Hey, maybe I could make a calender too? How are you guys doing it? Like collecting photos and printing them out or something, I would definatly put Lily as the cover girl! :lol:
There we go, my first little spark of inspiration for the day!

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This is such a wonderful idea! :D

I would suggest breeds that are relatively unknown...I like the idea of the Puli and Sarloos Wolfhound, they very rare. What about the Pumi? And Goldenluv, YES!! :D You said Beagle! :D I LOVE Beagles! :lol: And the idea of an APBT is great...because while people are sitting on the tiolet ( :o) or washing their hands or whatever they can see the APBT and the information and get to understand it better! :D The idea will educate people...the Bernese Mountain Dog, Weimaraner, Dal (liver spots), what about this dog and I bet NONE of you have heard of it:

Prazsky Krysarik.... :lol: The TINIEST dog I have EVER SEEN!! It will really educate people....


I think I'll have a calender made too....with pics of Rowie only ofcourse... :D

(here's a cool idea... add Coal's pic! :D Make him his own breed :lol:)

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Sorry about the boxer...I thought of them and basenjis after I posted this I am going to have to make lots of calenders so that I can include all my faves!! This is way to complicated...I can not pick just 12. Maybe my calender will feature 2 dogz a month!! or 8 or 12 ( that would be a little much) I picked the beagle because I know one at my agility lessons and she is cute. Well if every one on here did a calender maybe we would be able to pick all the breeds... :D

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I can recommend you unique polish dogs :D :wink: :
[b][u]Polish sighthound [/u]'chart polski'[/b]:

[b][u]Polish lowland sheepdog[/u] 'polski owczarek nizinny'[/b]:

[b][u]'gonczy polski'[/u][/b]:

[b][u]Polish hound [/u]'ogar polski'[/b]:

[b][u]Polish Tatra Mountain Dog[/u]'polski owczarek podhalanski'[/b]:

And one 'chinese' breed:
:wink: :wink: [u][b]Chinese crested dog [/b][/u] :wink: :wink:

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