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13 Breeds of Dogs?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Okay, not sure how I'm guna do it yet, since this year is more then half way through... maybe I'll start with August until December 2004... so that would be... 17... okay so I need 17 breeds of dogs. Right now your all probably thinkin I'm nuts, so I will explain lol :wink:
I'm going to make a calander. I figured I should for my "Grooming room/downstairs bathroom" cuz the calander I have now says it's December 15/01 :o I want to make a breed each month, and have a picture in the corner, then a bunch of info all about the breed... just for somethin to do, and plus people who stay here use that bathroom (obviously I keep it clean! I'm sure they wouldn't like to stay there if it was all smelly like a dog!!) so they can learn about what ever breed it is in the month!
So far (obviously), I've got Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, and Sarloos Wolfhound. So I need 13 more. Any suggestions?

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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever!!!!!!!! They are a rare breed, so it's good to educate people about them. :) Here are some good web pages:
Plus, aren't they cute???

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Some of my favourites:
[color=blue]Border Collie
Lab - all three colours
Norwegian Lundehund
Australian Shepherd
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Standard Poodle - without the poofy cut
The 4 Belgian Sheepdogs
Australian Cattle Dog
Bearded Collie
Border Terrier
Canaan Dog
English Sprigner Spaniel
Shiba Inu
Golden Retriever
Irish Setter
Irish Wolfhound
Nova Scotia Duck Toller
Scottish Deerhound
Welsh Springer Spaniel[/color]
English Sheepdog
Border Terrier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Doberman Pincher
German Wire Haired Pointer
Giant Schnauzer
Great Dane
Great Pyranese
Pharoh Hound
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Saint Bernard
Shetland Sheepdog
Airdale Terrier
West Highland White Terrier
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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Guest Anonymous

Chow Chows , Pomeranians, Chiuaua lol i know that is spelt wrongs.. Rotties, Blue Healers, Lapso Apso, Shitzu, Golden retreiver, Dobermins, APBT, Old English Sheep dog, Australian Kelpi ( cattle dog ) Weims, German Shepherd Dog..

LOL hows that for a list? LOL i could go on for days.. but i'll stop!

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You definatly have to include the boxer!!! You can even put Lilys pic if you like :D




Another breed I love (and will get one day, in the not too near future!) is the Pappilion - I love that breed! And they are just so cute and fluffy, but what drew me to them is that they are easier to train than most toy breeds, aren't too common and are great in agility and fly ball :D

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Guest Anonymous

I expected to get replies but WOW! haha
I could have easily listed them on my own, but I wanted a variaty, cuz I tend to sway towards certain breeds...
Hmm... too much stuff goin on with friends right now!!! :changes: :confused1:
I will tally up which ones I choose 2moro!
(thanks for the links on the DTR... I actually don't like them that much, but mainly cuz my friend has one and it's really mind numbingly stupid!! :o [I would never say that about any other dog, I swear] and it bit me... so I don't like it)
So yeah, I'll let ya'll know what I decide! :D
(oh, and of course I'll use the pic of Lilly! She's such a sweetheart!)

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Guest Anonymous

Maybe I should make 10 callanders? :o :lol: So hard to pick just 13!!!!

Hey, weren't we going to see if we could get a Dogo callander made way long ago??? What ever happened to that?

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I'm for the Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback, some kind of mastiff, The APBT, and most definetly the most popular kind of dog the Mutt!! I think that the first mont should be the Mutt. Well luck to you and your calendar. Maybe I should make one...then I would have to go thru picking just a few of the many breeds!!

Under pics Hillside posted a great pic of a APBT ...you could see if you can get permission to use it. I have to stop naming of the breeds...sorry can't help myself, a whippet? Don't know how popular they are?

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I think it'd be cool if we could do a Dogo calender!!!! What a nice idea!!!! :D

[quote]Perhaps in your area they are rare...but, in my area of Canada they are a dime a dozen!!! We groom at least 10 a week...they are pretty common in my area.[/quote]

Really? I've never even seen a real one. :o When I mention the breed to people they're like "What?" They are virtually unheard of here. :o

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Well even b4 i owned one, i was always fond of the German Shephard Dog!

And The Irish Wolfhound, i admire too, and im so glad i own one..cuz i dont see them very often and i think theyre very friendly and good tempered! :D

Im glad you chose the Border Collie :D Another Of My Faves!

The Daschund Is Totally Cute Too!

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Can Rio be up for the mutt month Shara !!!



Huh.... can he... :wink: huh ?

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