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Food Problems


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I am worried about how much Colby is eating. I feed her at 6am every morning and by the time we leave the house there is still more then half in the bowl. I give her 1 hour to eat all her food and she doesn't.
She eats most of her dinner because she has had no breakfast.
Also she bites herself alot, does that mean she doesn't like her food?
I am feeding her Pro Plan puppy food for large breeds.

What should I do????

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Hey Stacer :),

How much do you give Colby in the morning? You may be giving her too much. Puppy Pro Plan, I think that's IAMS? I'm not sure, but it may also be the problem. Her scratching could be allergies to something in the food, or maybe even a simple case of fleas.

I'm not really an expert, so my advice may be wrong.... :-? I'll leave this to the experts I guess.... :wink:

Can we have a piccie of her? I remember us chatting before you got her! You where really excited! I'd love to see more pics of her! :D

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The more you coddle her about it the worse it will get. It is the same thing with Bronxie's post on the main forum.

I had the same problem with Mary. So I started her on the 20 minute rule. She eats all her food pretty quick now. Dont change her food. If she is hungry she will eat. Dogs will not starve themselves.

The only other possibility is that 6 am is too early. Mary is not a morning dog. She eats better eating mid morning (11) and late evening (8).

So give her less time to eat, and yes she may miss a meal or two but it wont hurt her. And maybe adjust the schedule to suit her more.

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