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Pictures of Colby


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Awwwwwwwwwww she's adorable. I especially love this pic
My cats won't go anywhere near the dogs water bowl.

Hope you don't mind me bringing it over.

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There are 2 kittens and if Colby has a treat they will eat the stuff that falls out of her mouth.

They play all day, basically it's Colby pinning then to the ground and pulling their tails. She's pretty play agressive, but they come back for more. SHe sleeps very good at night.

Thanks for posting that for me :D

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She is soooo cute! It makes me want a Weimaraner even more now. :D
She is such a pretty girl.


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[quote]I hope EllieAngel Checks This Out! [/quote]
I'm here Holz !!
Fame at last :wink:
Colby is beautiful Stacer,I have a Weim x GSD but he is more Weim than anything else.....
These were taken when he was 9 weeks, he is 11 months now !

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