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OMG!! We took a "ride" to see puppies from an add!! I kept telling my husband it sounded like a puppy mill. She had too many breeds listed...... any way, after about an hour in the truck we found the place, and there were all these cars and people around. We didn't know where to go or who to see. Then, we say a guy with a humane society t-shirt and a large camera. Then the lead investigator came to see us and we told him we were there to look at the dogs!!!! I kept asking what was going on and I said "SEE THIS IS A PUPPY MILL, I KNEW IT!!!!!" "I TOLD MY HUSBAND THIS WAS A PUPPY MILL, AND I WAS RIGHT!!" Then I said "GOOD JOB GUYS!! I GIVE YOU A LOT OF CREDIT!! I AM A REAL ADVOCATE" They are taking all the dogs to the Lancaster County Humane Society!!! The same place we were on Sunday (Where the 10-year old rottie was). So we stopped there on the way home to fill out an application, and they were closed!!! But there was a worker in the driveway with a table set up and a sheriff????? I guess there was a major raid throughout the area and maybe there were afraid people would try to get their dogs back?????????


I'm going to the site now and apply on line: it is

(P.S. I haven't heard from the guy yet from the butcher shop) This is all too weird!!!!!!!

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I don't know why these people do things like this - don't they have any feelings at all for all the suffering they are putting on these puppies - it just goes to show that you should always trust your gut-instincts. Glad they got rumbled.

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All I could see were a few obvious females wandering the property!! I could only see one pup in a crate while they were taking it. They had a huge truck filled with empty crates.

You should go to the web site, it is on there already!!! The woman was investigated on 20/20!!!!!

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[quote] You should go to the web site, it is on there already!!! The woman was investigated on 20/20!!!!! [/quote]

REALLY???????????? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's cool! Maybe that got some people to think about where they get there dog! :roll: [/quote]

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Guest Anonymous

Good For you! I hate puppy mills! :pissed: :bad-words:
So thank you on behalf of all my family and friends for advocating to stop ALL puppy mills.
Adopt Dont Let over 10,000 animals die each year just because no one can find a place in their hearts to adopt. I bet you can!

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Guest Anonymous

I'm not the above guest! I just wanna say: Adopt Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Puppy mills SUCK!!! :bad-words: :pissed: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest Anonymous

People who run puppy mills should be made to live in the same conditions as their dogs!


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Guest Anonymous

Is this the one

We are fighting a puppy mill of our own


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[b]400 dogs seized from county kennel
By Carrie Caldwell
Jun 27, 2003, 09:24 EST
Intelligencer Journal[/b]

The Humane League of Lancaster County on Thursday seized as many as 400 dogs from a breeding kennel under investigation for consumer fraud and animal cruelty complaints.

Joyce Stoltzfus, owner of Puppy Love Kennels in Peach Bottom, is
accused of selling dogs with American Kennel Club registrations
while under suspension.

The League also is probing whether Stoltzfus, of 267 Riverview
Road, neglects the dogs she is raising and sells dogs with ailments
that are fatal or expensive to treat.

Attempts to contact Stoltzfus on Thursday were unsuccessful.

Megan Gallagher Clark, the League's executive director, said the
shelter will be closed to the public today as staff and volunteers
tend to the influx of dogs. The shelter, however, will be open to
people dropping off or reclaiming pets. They can go the front
entrance checkpoint.

The Humane League issued a press release Thursday reporting that
the state police, the state attorney general's office and the AKC
are helping with their investigation into the kennel operation.

Investigators, however, are refusing to discuss details until the
case is closed.

Lainie Cantrell, AKC's public relations director, confirmed
Stoltzfus' suspension but couldn't give the reasons or the term of

Spokeswoman Barbara Petito said the attorney general's office is
encouraging anyone who has bought dogs from Puppy Love Kennels to
telephone the office at (800) 441-2555, or log on to
[url]www.attorneygeneral.gov[/url], where an online complaint form can be
filled out.

The latest investigation marks the fourth time Stoltzfus'
operation has been under scrutiny.

In March 2001, the state Board of Veterinary Medicine fined
Stoltzfus $500 for practicing veterinary medicine without a
license. She provided one of her customers with two plastic bags of
drugs, including Amoxicillin, a violation of state law.

The same month, a district justice dropped 82 of the 85 charges
the state filed against her for dog law violations because an
inspection of her kennel was incomplete. The remaining three
charges were for overcrowding.

The attorney general's office sued Stoltzfus in 1997 on behalf of
98 customers who had bought "defective" dogs between 1992 and 1997.
Many of the dogs died or had to be euthenized. The case was
eventually settled with Stoltzfus and her husband, Raymond,
agreeing to pay $30,600 in restitution but admitting no wrongdoing.

Earlier, in 1991, the Stoltzfuses were fined $10,000 by the U.S.
Department of Agriculture for selling dogs without a license,
unsanitary conditions and inadequate disease control. At the time,
they agreed to pay an additional $15,000 for any further violations.

In addition to leading this latest investigation, the League must
care for the hundreds of dogs seized. The shelter is already
overburdened. Because it's a private, nonprofit organization and
must provide shelter, food and veterinary care for these animals,
League officials are asking for donations of money, time and
supplies. Donations of food and beverages for the shelter staff and
volunteers also would be appreciated, Clark said.

For more information, contact the Humane League at 295-1391.

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Legally, you cant seize anything from a premise without the search warrant specifying each item, unless it is obviously illegal and in plain view
when you search the premises (like drugs, for instance). Paperwork is
not illegal, and so to seize it it would have had to been distinctly listed on the warrant. If they had a warrant to search the kennel, they can open drawers and look at stuff. but paperwork doesnt count.

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