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Hi all,

One of my dogs ("Lacey"), has been diagnosed by the Vet as having Thrush. She is 80% Corgi, 20% Terrior or so I've been reliably informed.

Even though she is 4 years old now, and was speyed at 6 months, this has only just started. The Vet says there is nothing they can do about it - and that Lacey will have it the rest of her life.

She hasn't given any medication, just told us that we will have to keep an eye on it, and if she gets a bit messy we will have to wash her and clean it up. She reckons starting medication now, would mean she would have to have it for the rest of her life and that would be very expensive.

Anyone got any suggestions? I know this sounds stupid, but in human females (I was careful not to use the "B" word there!), live natural bio-yoghurt is supposed to be good for Thrush - do you think the same would work for dogs?

Any advice greatly appreciated,

Stevo (And Lacey!)

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I have heard of Horses getting thrush in their hooves, a bacteria infection which is really smelly and hard to get rid of...its caused by unsanitary environment and the horse standing in it alot...they would wash the hooves with jabex to get rid of the bacteria infection.
I have not heard about dogs getting thrush, unless there is another name for it which I am not familiar with...dogs can get yeast infections...this can be due to too much grain in their diet or allergies...my Newf had vaginal, ear, skin problems...the skin would stink etc...this was due to yeast over growths in her body and antibiotics etc would just solve the outer problem, but not the underlying cause...I changed from a kibble diet to BARF diet and added yoghurt to her diet which helped replace the good bacteria in her gut...I solved her problems through diet.
I am not familiar with the word "thrush" with dogs...perhaps we refer to the problem under a different name in my area????
Is the problem your dog has classified under a different name?

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I would consult another vet.

My australian cattledog for 6 months had puppy vaginitis. It went away after she was spayed. Since it was a recurring problem, there was a chance that she could have reoccurrences in adulthood.

I had to insert cream in her for 6 months plus give antibiotics...I was so glad that it went away.

The reason I knew she had it is because she had a nasty discharge. Go to another vet and see what they say. It could be a case of vaginitis which can be treated but may return...

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