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HELP!!! Run away agility dog...


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Ok, here's the problem. I don't have a licence yet (yes, I know - SO SLACK!) so dad always has to come out to dog training. Before Tessa would just run off to find dad, who was walking with the other dogs, whenever I let her off to do some jumps etc. It was a little embarressing and pretty annoying, but I dealt with it. Anyways, now dads doing obedience with Puddles, so he's in the same grounds as us but surrounded by lots of other dogs. Tessa knows he's there, and is pretty good with her agility, but she's a hearding dog at heart (part kelpie) and every now and again she'll run off into this other massive group, run around and annoy everyone while I'm there running after her! Its so embarressing. She's not the type to get into fights, but last weekend she came across a dog that she didn't like and they got into a fight and I was so angry and embarressed I ended up putting her in the car and spending the rest of the morning doing agility with Lily, who doesn't even do agility!!!
Any suggestions to stop Tessa running off like that, I'm nearly at the point on giving up at agility full stop. I've tried having treats and everything else to make her want to stay, but every time she runs it gets reinforced with the chase, which she finds amusing. What should I do???

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If she is always running off to see these other folks including your dad, I would make that experience bad.

You need to stop running after her...If she runs to where your dad is, have him get her and put in away (crate, car whatever). You could also ask that all these people just make visiting bad. It will not traumatize her towards people but it will make her stop running to them. Have them scream and carry on...You could ask the obedience class to come early, so you can set up your dog and when your dog runs over there, the class screams, yells and stuff at her. You calmly walk over there and pick her up and put her in a timeout in the car. After a few minutes bring her back out and continue working with her. If she runs off again, then proceed as before. The class screams and stuff, you calmly walk over and pick her up and put her in timeout.

Your dog will soon learn that when she runs off, she gets yelled at and then gets locked up. What fun is that??? None, and she may decide that it is better to stay with you.

And when you are going to get her, do not tell her to come. She is not coming when called so you are allowing her to break the command so don't use it unless you know she will listen. Plus, you should not call a dog to you and then discipline them...you only teach that coming is bad.

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