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Your dogs nicknames?


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Well... I just thought to ask you... what do you call your doggies for fun?

Ben's nicknames are:

- [i]Weiner sausage[/i] / [i]sausage[/i] (ehem... Don't know where that came in the picture... :oops: I guess it came originally from him beeing hairless)

- [i]Ben the terminator rex[/i] (it would take too long to list everything he's destroyed just for fun... :roll:)

- [i]Terminator[/i] (He's real name is Juno-Juhekin [b]Terminator[/b])

-[i] Stupid [/i]/ [i]Silly[/i] / [i]Funny[/i] / [i]Weirdo[/i] (ya know how stupid dogs can be in a cute way sometimes.... :D )

- [i]Benjamin[/i] (actually, that's Ben's "real" name, but I just made it shorter...), [i]Benny[/i], [i]Bennyboy[/i].

- [i]Warm water bottle [/i](he's really warm and when he crawls up under your blanket, rolls up between your legs (ehem... :oops:) and puts his head on your foot... sighs... and goes to sleep... that's just priceless!!)

- [i]Couch potato [/i](Need I say more?)

Hmm... Can't come up with any more for the moment... :D

Oh, and did you know Ben knows ALL the same commands and tricks in both Finnish AND Sweedish, and the commands: sit, bark, stay and come on english? :wink:


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[size=2]I call my dogs all sorts of strange things when I'm talking to them. :oops:

Some of Bane's nicknames are: Bobo, Bubba, Fancy Man, Monster Man, Big Ol' Baby, Ghandi, Momma's Boy...

And Adina's are: Addy, Addy Bear, Bitch, Psycho, Spinny-hop, Butt Ruffles...

Oswald doesn't really have a nickname besides "Oz" right now, because we've only had him for a few days.

I didn't really realize how funny these sounded until, now. :lol: And maybe requiring some kind of explanation...[/size]

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Guest Anonymous

Oh, geez... the things I call my dogs! :o Hazel had too many nic-names to count!!

Coal, geez, we've only had him a couple weeks, and you should already hear the things I call him!!

Coaly Moley (thanks to Lannie :wink: ), Moley Moley Moley Moley... (from Austin Powers), Little Dude, Pissy Paws ( :lol: there's a few stories behind that, but I don't think he'd like me to share with you :o :lol: ), Booger, Shnoodle Doodle, Puparonie, Bum-Face... there's more... :roll:

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Guest Anonymous

Let's see Bentley's nicknames are rotten (as in spoiled rotten) and the slobber king! If you've seen his jowls you understand. Caeser's names are whiner (he has husky in him and whines all the time) and nutso! Don't have any nicknames for the new puppy yet. Heck we don't have an actual name for him yet! :lol:

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Lots of cute nicknames so far.

[quote]And Adina's are: Addy, Addy Bear, [b][color=red]Bitch[/color][/b], Psycho, Spinny-hop, Butt Ruffles... [/quote]

Love that one Whodoesthat, I use that alot with Sally.

O.k here's the nicknames:

Sandy - Sandy is her call name to begin with, Bambi, Little S***, Rotten, Little Rat, Little Stinker

Sally-Rose - Sally, Princess, Prissy Britches, Miss Priss, Missy, Tweedle-Dee, Baby Doll or Dog

MoRocco- Rocco, Rocket, Rocketman, Big Man or Guy, Tweedle-Dum, Dumb A**, Big Galoof

Pumpkin - Rag Doll, Lard A**, Pumpkin Doodle

Miss Kitty - She only has one extra name B****.

And of course they are referred to as "The Paw-paw Gang!"


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Guest Anonymous

there are an endless tream of names: peanut, water head, big boy, muscles, head, mouth, butter, daddies pookie bear, snooki-wookums(dont laugh, you should see the reacition those two get) killer, tough guy, bear, monster, beast, shed-machine, slobberbut, drooler, but Drey and Daz are the most common.

real names; Dreyin and Odyssius

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[color=darkred]LOL You really want to know what we nicknamed our dogs!!
Ok here goes.

Charlie (Choddle Boddle)
Penny (Mouse, course she as the whiskers lol, Sprocket or Rocket)
Patch (little old man) well he is 14 years.

Merlin (Merlikins)
Casper (Doodars the lovely mon)
Tigger (Tig tag tog)[/color]

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Freeb, Freebster, Freebee-girl, baby-girl, Freebeebeebee(kind of a rolling sound, like baby pronounced beebee)


Woosey (my sons favorite)
purr-face (when he's being nice)

the third and forth come from years of his biting my ankles AFTER I have my pantyhose on, therefore causing them to run.....he ruined three pairs one morning.....


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So many nicknames, and she's always changing them...
Hippo, also called:
--the Popo Dragon (from when she was a puppy from hell and bit anything moving when she wanted to play)
--Hippo Bagons (the bagons are the haflings in The Lord of the Rings)
--cutie patootie, cutie pie
--bebe (which means little baby in Romanian)
--Hippo the double-nosed reindeer (at Xmas)
--little monster (for obvious reasons--like rolling in every dead thing she can find :roll: , for scaring the people by jumping up although she knows she's not supposed to)
--little devil, or damn devil (as case may be)
--(silly) goose because she can be really, really silly
--wrinkle face, wrinkle miracle, wrinkle beauty
--Hippo the gorilla dog (because she uses gorilla tactics in approaching the dogs at the park: she lays down and then jumps up to them to surprise them)
--monkey-dog (because she's a cheeky monkey)

Hmmm... I think I'll stop here--not bacause I'm done, but I don't seem to remember any more at the moment :lol:

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You all have such good/funny nicknames for your dogs. :P

Zebra has allot of nicknames:
-Tick Tock, Tick head (because he had a tick)
-Baldy(he got shaved today)
-Doggie Darko, Darko(after that movie 'Donnie Darko"
-Devil Dog
-Zebo, Zeba
-Senor poopy pants

Oh that's just a few of them! :lol: :P

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Cricket: Crickey Poo,Shnoozle,Poofy dog, Moo Cow :o (She's a black and white parti)
Bug: Bug-a-loo, Boo
Merlin: Squirrel (? I'm not even sure how that started), White.
Happy: Happy-Mal, Malamute(she looks like her mother, who was half Mal.)
Aesa: Aesa,Aesa funny face-a (said while singing :wink: ) Sausage.
Zeus: Dr. Zeus, Old man.
Bernie: Washburn, (his real name) Bernie-boo.
Tynan: Ty, Wolf, fur ball.
Gemma: Gem, Coyote.
Woofy: Goofy, Yellow pup
George: Red, Collie dog, Crazy George.
And of course, the group name when they all decide to start howling at 2 AM in the morning: HEY IDIOTS!

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[quote name='abker17']Abby's nicknames are: stooglie(don't know where that came from)[b] Pooky[/b], Abbigal, Pie. That's about it. :fadein: I luv puppy nicknames :)[/quote]

That's what I call Rowie! I got it from Garfield :wink:

I also call her: Rowie-the-Pooh,
Rowie Pooh
Rowie Pumpkin
Rowie babe
Rowie bitch( :o when she gets on my nerves)
pootchy pooh
fuzzy butt
cutie poochy
moogey woogey
[b]Nipper of the Year[/b] <<My fav! :lol:

And ofcourse who can forget :[b]"SIT!" [/b] :lol: (I seem to need to tell her that often :wink:)

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Landon has weird ones. We call him:

big butt
Landon Bandon
Slobby Lans
porker (he loves to eat)
insane bans

so many more...I just make them up along the way...heh.


baby girl
pretty girl
Silly Lilly
My Sil Lil
crazy lil

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Long time no post...

My dog's Nicknames are:

Sam - Boo-boo, Bubba, Bubba-dog, Buddy.

Travis - Travy (not very creative, I know), Travy-Wavy, Big Boy (on account of his size) and Baby Dog, from when he was a pup.

Zeke - Zekee, Deke, Dekee, Zekee likes Tatziki, Dekee the Destroyer (on account of how he destroys toys in a matter of minutes).

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Guest Anonymous

mimis nicknames are peanut, memer, little whiner, cookie face, memaweiner <--- dont ask..lol plus a few others that i cant think of..lol :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Gretchen Josephine is called by her full name if she's in trouble !
Other names she's known by are ;
Gretchen Mulally
Ya big lumox
Big Blackie
Sweet Pea
Gretchen Josephina
Rotten Lab

Sassafrass Louise;
Snow Queen
Snow Flake
Ya little witch
Raisinette (because her eyes are so dark , they look like raisinettes)

Maisy Mae;
Maisy MooMoo
Ya little wench
Maisy the Menace
Sweet wittle girl....

Kato Kitty
Fat Cat
Damn Cat
Rotten Cat

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