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Dog Names

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Sky's a good name, especially for a blue dog - our Sky is blue and white, hence the name.
A good site for dog names is [url]http://www.bowwow.com.au[/url] :)
Hope it helps, congratulations, and I agree, we must see pics :wink: :D

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I had a stuffed animal once that was a kinda mousey gray color, and he was named Dusty. For S names, and thinking of Rowie-the-Pooh's suggestion of Sugar, how about Sacarin? (Ok, it is kind of stupid. But I haven't thought of that word in ages! And then suddenly I remembered it!)

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How about Shimmer?
I also like the idea of taking your time in naming her, let her suggest a name to you. Now if she whispers it in your ear, you might call her MoneyTrain! :D
Just be patient, let her personality and actions help you decide on her name.

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We finally have a name we both agree on. Our Weimeraner is going to be named Hailee.

I chose to spell it differently since the name isn't as unique as I wated it to be but it will be like a Hailee's Comet.

Thanks for your help everyone! :klacz:

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