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Questions about neutering


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Can I pipe in a little comment to clear Vet Tech a little? I do agree with HF that one should be open to new ideas and possibilities and not discount any statement without fully researching. That said, the way I interpreted Vet Tech's comments were that he/she was [i]dissing the [b]book[/b][/i] that Rowie was mentioning, [i]not Rowie herself.[/i] [quote]It worris me that there are such literary pieces giving out false info. Unreal.[/quote] This is not a slam on Rowie - but the book from which he/she read it. So I did not see it as Vet Tech belittling what Rowie was saying. A little research will do us all good - even on stuff which we think we know by heart!
Just my 2-cents.

Bir is a cutie by the way!

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Hormones can play a small to large part in coated breeds. I have a Belgian, he was neutered at 6 months. He has NEVER had the coat that an intact male normally has. I'm on a belgian list also, I've heard many accounts of 'spay' coat in bitches and dogs. Many of the dogs are residents in homes that show their other dogs. While it is not a guarantee that spaying/neutering will have an effect on the coat, it IS a possibility.
Most of the info I've read on spayed bitches coats in Belgians is that they grow HUGE SOFT coats, a soft coat is not to the Belgian standard. I know of an older spayed bitch who looks like she would weigh 80 lbs, it's ALL coat. She was spayed after she finished her championship, her owner says after the spay was when her girls coat kicked into high production.

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