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How did you pick your dogs name ?


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My GSD got his name from my wife. She's in love with the actor who played Strider/Aragorn on Lord of the Rings. His name is Viggo so being the secure guy that I am, I let her name him viggo when she asked me about it. I like the name for a GSD. Everybody in my family thought it was kind of lame though.


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[quote name='ellieangel']I kinda touched on this in another topic !
I'm just curious as to how you thought up/chose your doggies names.
We seem to get quite a few people looking for inspiration on here and I thought it would make an interesting thread !
My first pup Ellie was named partly after my Aunty Elly who lives in Holland the kids wanted to call her angel so I told them that would be her middle name !! But I changed the spelling so as not to offend Elly no need though she is a dog lover and thought it was great !!!
Rio's name was a compromise ! my hubby is a massive manchester United fan and just after the world cup everyone was raving about Rio Ferdinand over here so he suggested Rio and I said I could live with that as I had been a huge Duran Duran Fan as a kid and it suited him too !!!
Come on tell me yours ! :Dog_run:[/quote]

Aww your pups name is Ellie also :D One of my favorite movies is Legally Blonde and Reese Witherspoon's name in that movie was Elle so that's how I picked the name. :o

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well since i have a new dog since this was originally posted i'll add My new girls name. Some people may think this is corny but we named her STARLING as in agent starling from the Silence of the lambs series. so now we have Lecter and Starling and their relationship is true to form with the movies very love/antagonistic and amusing as they jostle for position.

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Guest Anonymous

:D I chose Axel's name because he is a pure bred Alsation and because he is a male i couldnt name him Allie... so axel the alsation. It was either that or sabre and although i would have prefered sabre he wouldnt come to that name but my boys loved the name Axel also so i guess i was out voted 3 to 1 .

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I have alot to go through so bear with me!

Scruffy (bridgekid) - He was a scruffy little dog when I bailed him out of the shelter and looked like a mini version of the Old English Sheepdog I grew up with, her name was Scruffy so I named him that too.

Alex (bridgekid) - My parents got him when I was a kid, he came with the name.

Snickers (bridgekid) - My brother namen him that because he had the colors of the candy bar.

Monty - Named after Monty Python.

Heidi - Her name was Sara Lee at the shelter, but my mom preferred Heidi because she is german herself.

Rookie - My brother named him because he is a rookie cop himself.

Spirit - named in memory of Snickers. I was playing with calling her either Rainbow (as in the Rainbow Bridge) or Spirit. I chose Spirit and her full registered (AMBOR/UKC) name is Snickers' Evil Spirit In The Sky.

Kara and Kyra - was flipping through a pet name book and these 2 appealed to me. Their former names were Tabby and Paja, didn't quite like those. Plus I like how their names sound alike!

Mystic - I wanted to incorporate Spirit's name into her registered name and was deciding between Pagan Spirit (Pagan) and Mystical Spirit (Mystic). Well, Mystic won out because that is more "politically correct" than the other name! Sure would have loved to name her Pagan though! Another dog I will!

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My little guy is named Bentley after the childrens book titled "Snowflake Bentley" it's the 1999 Caldecott Medal winner for the most distinguished American picture book for children awarded to the books artist. Its' about a man named Wilson Bentley whom back in the 1920's loved the beauty of snow so much that he was determined that his camera would capture the extraordinary and unique beauty of snowflakes. . . and of course I felt that Bentley would be the perfect name for my beautiful Maltese. I work in a childrens library and the name seemed appropriate. Everyone assumes that he is named after the car but tis inspired by a book. I registered him as Renoir's Snowflake Bentley. The Renoir comes from our last name and is fitting because of my husband artistic talent. It just all seem to tie together perfectly.

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