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He's Buff.......


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I was playing the piano and heard a huge thumping noise. I peered around the lid, which was up, could see Toby and part of Fella and they weren't concerned. It happened a ouple more times, so I got up .....


Echo S. was carrying a 3-lb weight and hefting it up-down-up-down. Every so often he lost his grip and it would THUNK to the floor!!!!! :lol:

Think what a strong neck he'll have! :wink:

[size=2](I tried to take a piccie but every time I snapped it, he put his weight down and ran to me.)[/size]

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A shot of Echo S. and his weightlifting would be so cool! If he keeps this up you might have to start calling him Echo Schwartzenegger (spelling?)! :lol:

Hey, I know, you could play the "Rocky" theme for him as he lifts weights! It is Saturday morning, and I am on my second cup of coffee! :oops:

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