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Rescue Fundraiser


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[img]http://www.rottsacrosstexas.com/images/intarsiapup.jpg[/img]In order to raise funds to help pay for heartworm treatment for our foster dog, Patience, we are raffling off an exquisite, handmade Rottweiler puppy intarsia. (Intarsia is a mosaic of wood fitted and glued into a wooden support. The piece is not stained; each piece of the intarsia that is a different color comes from a different piece of wood.)

The drawing for this raffle will be held on May 4th at the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelters annual Pet Adoptathon. Tickets orders can be made online at [url]http://www.rottsacrosstexas.com/raffle.html[/url] or mailed to:

Rotts Acoss Texas Rottweiler Rescue
Rt. 16 Box 1950
Lufkin, TX 75901

Please consider participating in this raffle. It's a wonderful prize for a wonderful cause.


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LOL I asked not because no one had purchased, but because the post had only had 4 views. :)

I wonder what international postage would cost??? hmmmm

Thanks for the heads up, Daisysmom. I am getting a 'We are experiencing temporary difficulties.' message too. *sigh*


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[quote name='Daisysmom'][color=darkblue][size=6]Hey, how's the fund raising going????
Hope you are getting the support you need!!

It was very easy to make a small donation with PayPal![/size][/color] :wink:[/quote]

Thanks for asking! So far so good, Daisysmom. We've raised about $80 so far. It's a good thing too, because I have to take two foster pups in for neutering on Friday. Thankfully the fundraiser should cover those expenses.

We still have about a month to go before the drawing date, so I hope we'll be able to sell even more!!


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