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An oldie by goodie

Three dogs are at the vet, a German Shepherd, a Golden Retriever and a massive Great Dane - all boys. They start talking and getting to know each other when the reason for their visit comes up during the course of their conversation.

"Well", the Shepherd states, "I'm here to be fixed because I'm too agressive and I'm always charging people who come to the front door. My owner hopes that by getting me fixed it will tone down my agression"

"Really", the Golden says. "I'm here to be neutered as well. I'm always humping peoples' legs and my owners are getting really tired of it, so they hope that by getting me fixed I'll stop doing this"

"Well", the Dane chimes in, "I'm here because my owner is this gorgeous aerobics instructor who is constantly walking around the house naked, and its driving me nuts. Anyhow, she was walking around naked again yesterday. She bent over to pick something up and just I lost all self-control. I mounted her and just went to town."

"So you're here to be fixed as well?", the Shepherd asks.

"No, no. Just here to get my nails trimmed".

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