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Agility, Dog dancing, and the Bow


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Well, after I went to the agility club (1/5/03) the lady told me to work with Winnie on weaving through my legs. (standing still and walking) Since then Winnie has aced that and we worked on weaving through poles (fence posts with no fence! :lol: ). Well Winnie has got that down and we're working on dog dancing! :D I taught Winnie to back so we have a little short routine that we do and we both love it! Now I'm teaching Winnie to bow. That's a little harder considering she a tad bit lazy and just wants to lay down! :lol: I put my arm on her belly (towards her bottom) and them took a treat and told her to lay down (right after that I said bow), then put the treat in my hand on the ground and she would stretch and bow! :) Now she's doing better and I rarely have to hold my hand on her and the command I do is bow and then I bow and she does! :D She's still working on it, but has aced it a few times and is doing great! :lol:
Well, I'll stop blabbing for now. :wink:

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