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Beautifull Boerboel pups

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Guest Anonymous

Ha ha ha ha
I can't stop laughing.... give me a min...
Ok, ava, I have to say I am looking for a big envelope too. I especially like the one with the white muzzle... however my husband has a thing about "horses" in the house.
He he... Poor guys on a forum with a bunch of lonely girls... how are your egos these days... he he 8)

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Great looking pups ava.

Girls Girls , if your going to argue over the 2 men on this forum :o :o
please continue in the harem in ndr.
I have put the harem in especially for you all.

:lol: :lol:

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Morning ladies & Ava
you have brightened up a dull Monday morning
Hey Ava what does it feel like to have such power over these two ladies?
their verbal bickering gave me a fit of the giggles:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Hi K
would not dream of of tresspassing on your territory
its so much more fun reading the messages which pass betweeng you two lovely ladies
Isn't nice not to have rude or nasty emails to on the site
Have a lovely day
Ickle :D :D

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Guest Anonymous

[quote name='avaloniaboerboele']Dont worry about all the private conversations K. Ive decided you are wife no1 :wink:[/quote]


I am SOOOO HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :x :cry: :x :cry: :x :cry: :x

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