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Kerry color variation

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Guest Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

Last year I adopted a rescue Kerry Blue Terrier who had just turned two years old, at that time her body color was black and grey with a cast of blue on her face, head and ear's.

Today, Velvet has a coat of many colors, ranging from black, grey, and blue with hint's of white. When her coat is long and in need of grooming, patches of beige are visible and sit randomly on her body.

Velvet is an A.K.C. registerd Kerry Blue Terrier and I am in possession of the original registraton certificate, so I am sure that she is a purebred Terrier, I just don't understand the color variation.

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Guest Anonymous

coats change in color. Very few dogs are one solid color. It doesn't sound like anything is medically wrong with your dog. Kerry's are born most often black, and then lighten in certain areas on their bodies.

Check out the AKC webpage below:


It may be able to help explain the color variations in dog coat color.

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