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Rules and help writing homework

Alan Luiz

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The most important arena of conscious spelling learning is school. We study the rules of spelling at school, and here we consciously perform various spelling exercises to record the correct spelling of each word and phrase, to practice the application of spelling rules. We control this type of intentional engraving at will. Out-of-school spelling education for children at home is also related to school. In adulthood, we learn to consciously write spelling only if our work, classes or tasks require more attention to the application of spelling rules, for example, when looking for work or writing a resume or essay. Although I don't know of any research on this.

Objectives of spelling and spelling
The teaching and learning of spelling in school education cannot be related exclusively to any class or level of school. In this area, every age and every type of school has its own educational goals and responsibilities, because homework should be written by every child who studies !! If he can't, order work from the authors (https://editius.com/scientific-editing-service/) if he has spelling problems! Objectives of spelling training and spelling training:

- Learning to write examples correctly (words, word relationships);

- understanding, studying and applying spelling rules;

- functional use of spelling tools (manuals on spelling and spelling programs).

It is important that the activities needed to achieve all three goals are given due weight in school education. Since no one can fully learn the spelling of every word, and we cannot learn all the rules of spelling in school, the school must also learn on its own. Therefore, it is very important to learn the rules and use paper and electronic spelling dictionaries, as well as to use the correct computer spell checker.

The changing technical environment also affects the content and pedagogy of teaching in the native language, and the communication environment directly affects education and upbringing. The development of mother tongue competence, including reading comprehension, word processing and spelling, should be linked to the development of digital competence in the future, as we see, hear, read, compose and write electronic texts on a daily basis.

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