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Go to this amazing blog - thismamaloves.com

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So, happy mothers, confess it. You need to recharge your battery from time to time to stay a caring mom and loving wife. I know what I am talking about, so I am offering you a great way to fulfill your inner resource.
Grab a mug of steaming tea, a glass of your favorite wine, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and go to this amazing blog - thismamaloves.com. It belongs to Brett Martin, a mother to three children, a rescue pup, cat, hedgehog, hamster, and even chicken. She is a busy lady, but I adore her because she does her best to make time for things that make her happy - blogging.
As you read her articles, you notice that writing is her cup of tea. For example, I am crazy about her post about breakfast ideas. It feels like nothing special, but, oh my, her desire to share her creativity with the world can’t but impress.
Brett’s blog will both entertain and educate you. For example, you can get inspiration for fun activities with your kids like what movie to watch, what handmade thing to create, or how to surprise your kiddos with a captivating game during holidays. If you need tips that would help you arrange a family trip or how to run a household more effectively, you will find useful posts as well.



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This blog is amazing! How have you promoted it? I also want to make the same thing with my one. However, I couldn't find something reliable for my Youtube blog. If you have some tools, share it with me if it's not difficult for you. 

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