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Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair


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Cover your furniture with blankets or throws. This will cut down on the hair that gets in your upholstery and saves years of life for the furniture. You will not have to have the upholstery cleaned and it won’t fade and wear from pets jumping on it either. Have plenty of throws so you can swap them out and keep them laundered and you’ll be sitting in a very comfortable, fur-free space.

Sweep the carpet first. Use a broom to brush the carpet before you vacuum. This will bring pet hair to the surface and make it easier for the vacuum to lift it. You should also pick-up any large chunks of fur that you swept loose. This will save you from digging it out of the roller brush of your vacuum later. You’ll get a much deeper clean this way and some even suggest using a spray bottle to dampen the carpet before you sweep to get even more hair.

Use a lint brush or a roll of tape. This can be used on furniture, drapes, and your own clothing. This is the most sure fire way to get rid of pet hair on upholstery and materials of all sorts. Lint brushes are faster in general but a roll of tape works well too.

Use a damp rubber glove. The blue gloves that the doctor’s office uses are great for this too. Get them slightly wet, then rub them over upholstery and fur will stick to them and ball up. It’s actually a little gross when you see how much hair is still there that you can’t see. It does a great job and you should invest in some rubber gloves and give this one a whirl.

Use a damp mop, not a wet mop. After you sweep or vacuum your hardwood or tile floors (I recommend vacuuming to get more) you should use a very lightly damp mop or something like a Swiffer to get any loose hair left behind. After you’ve done this, you may mop as you normally would.

Vacuum crisscrossed. In other words, if you vacuum from east to west, then vacuum north to south. By changing direction, it allows you to get further down into the carpet and pull up dirt, debris and fur. It may feel like you are vacuuming your room twice, because you totally are, but it will get far more hair if you do it like this. You’ll find that your carpet has a nape – a direction in which it normally lays. Vacuum with the nape and then across it, side to side and you’ll get better results.

A rubber window squeegee will pull hair from carpet and off upholstery. That’s right, a simple window squeegee will pull hair off nearly anything with cloth upholstery or carpet. They also make rubber grooming gloves for pets that are meant to trap and pull hair from their coat. These can also be used on upholstery and on carpet. Basically, anything rubber is like magic when it comes to pulling pet fur up. Visit Innovetpet for more information. 

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