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Tips for the First 30 Days of Dog Adoption


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Having a new dog join your family can be the most relieving experience in your life. There are plenty of dogs in rescue centers or shelters that can be adopted. Unfortunately, a lot of people wouldn’t just adopt them simply because they don’t know exactly how to go about it once they get them home. Surprisingly, no matter your lifestyle, there is a dog out there to blend in well into your life.


As much as the arrival of the new pap would sound like a blessing, plenty of things need to be addressed right off the bat. This may include, the safety of the new canine and those living around them, how to bond with them, their shelter, how to feed and grooming, veterinary services, training, etc. Here are some tips to help you with your first 30 days of adopting a new pep into your compound.

The safety of the Pup

The first few days of the dog after its arrival are adamantly critical. This is when you need to ensure you keep a closer eye on it since they may be unfamiliar with the new surroundings. Make sure you restrain younger kids in your compound from accessing the new member of the family. This is critical especially when the new dog is aggressive. The kids may easily be attached or well bitten as they try to play with the pup.

The compound should also be kept clear of objects that may injure the canine. It’s crucial that you keep sharp objects and naked electric wires out of their reach. Puppies are known to be playful and they may accidentally get black and blue or even die.  

Creating a Bond

The bond between the doggy and the new owner is crucial. As soon as they arrive into their new home, ensure you spear adequate time to play and bond with them. Allow them to move freely in the compound and mingle with other pups if any. This is likely to make them more comfortable. Additionally, to avert future fights with the already adopted dogs try and allow them to mingle.

Nonetheless, introductions should also be done to other members of your family who may not be familiar with the pooch. However, this may be done gradually under the supervision of those who are already familiar with the dog. This is likely to make the pup forget where they come from (rescue center) and be at ease in your compound.

Sheltering them Appropriately

This may be among the very first things you do long before canine arrives. The kennel should be adequately constructed and with a lockable entrance. This would restrain them from moving out whenever you don’t want them roaming around. Ensure the material used to construct the leash is strong enough. Some pups, especially the big and trained once may easily escape at the slightest opportunity they get.

On the same vein, you may want to have a meshed crate carrier to put your puppy in whenever you are traveling. Ensure the carrier has your details just in case you lose it. Similarly, consider putting a tag with your name and contact on them aside from the one they had while at the rescue center. This would help you recover your dog easily when they stray away.

Feeding and Glooming your pup

This is again an essential thing for the newly adopted pooch. Introducing them to new feeds may prove to be an uphill task. For the first few days after their arrival, continue to feed them on the same feeds they used to while at the shelter. This would avert them from refusing to eat the new feeds you may want to give them. Afterward, introduce them to the new feeds gradually. However, this may be hard but, with time the pups are likely to adopt the new feeds. Additionally, puppies should be feed on soft feeds since their teeth are still developing.

When glooming them, you would need to buy dogs washing shampoos. These are the best as opposed to washing the pooch with ordinary soaps and water. Shampoos help disinfect the dog’s skin, teeth, and keep them smelling nice. Additionally, ensure you are careful while glooming then to avoid the shampoo from getting into their eyes or the dog swallowing. Some shampoos may contain harmful components.

The first 30 days for an adopted canine are vital, they determine how well a pup is likely to fit into their new family. Understanding the above tips would go a long way in ensuring your pooch integrates well in their new home. It is wise to have a veterinary officer on standby whenever you may feel stuck. Similarly, you may want to inquire from the rescue center on additional ways to help bond with the dog. Always ensure you get the right a canine that fits your lifestyle. This may help you handle it more effectively.   


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