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Pet Safety Tips for the Scorching Summer Season


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1.    Protect the of Sensitive Paws

During summer the temperatures of the ground are very high due to excessive terrestrial radiation. Pavements are worse because they get excessively hot due to asphalt; this can cause burns when one walks barefoot. This also applies to pets which have no hairs covering their paws; hence, they can sustain burns, it is, therefore, advisable to stick to morning, evening or rather walks on the grass.

2.    Give your pet plenty of water.

Animals can lose a lot of water during summer, especially through drooling as compared to sweating in human beings. Pets should be supplied with plenty of water to keep them cool; a water dish be provided and refilled with fresh, clean, and cold water regularly.

3.    Don’t leave your pet in a Hot Car.

In summer car temperatures rise by 15 degrees within 10 minutes relative to the outside temperature of about 85 degrees. This temperature can reach 120 degrees within 30 minutes. Thus such extreme temperatures can cause heat stroke, organ failure, heart stroke, or eventually death because the optimum temperature for normal body functioning is 37 degrees.

4.    Consider taking them for swimming.

Dogs enjoy cooling off in water just like human beings do, thus during summer we can take our pets out for swimming, though we should proceed with caution since some of the pets don't know how to swim and those who know how to swim can be swept away by strong currents. It’s advisable that we dress them in life vests as a remedy just in case the recreation turns sour.

5.    Be mindful of your walking hours.

It’s advisable to take your pet for a walk early in the morning and late in the evening during summer. During these times the temperatures are a bit favorable moreover the sun is not too scorching. During these exercises take breaks in the shade and have water available.

6.    Don’t shave your pet.

Some people think that by shaving their pets during summer is the best solution to overheating, but the truth is that this coat naturally keeps the pet cool during summer. This coat further protects pets from sunburns, otherwise trimming and regular grooming of the pets is encouraged for aesthetic value.

7.    Apply the sunscreen.

Some breeds of pets have short or light hair; thus, they are susceptible to skin burns during summer. In case spending your day out with a pet during summer is inevitable then apply the sunscreen every 3-4 hours to the least covered spots. Remember to consult a vet before buying the sunscreen.

8.    Protect them from parasites.

Summer comes with a lot of parasites such as ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and other parasites. These parasites act as vectors since they carry worms along with them and diseases such as Lyme which are dangerous to pets. At such times it’s advisable to keep in touch with the vets.

9.    Keep your pets away from fireworks

Fireworks scare off pets; thus, they tend to run away; moreover, chemicals used to manufacture the fireworks are poisonous to pets. It’s advisable to keep your pets indoors or in a safe place as we enjoy these celebrations which are scheduled in the summer around 4th July annually. Remember to clean your home after of the firework debris after the celebration.

10.    Know weird signs.

It is advisable to know the optimal temperatures of our pets. Anything that seems much or less from the normal means the pet is in danger. Bear in mind that dogs and cats pant to bring down their body temperature. The following are the possible symptoms of overheating: heavy panting, thick drool, vomiting, wobbly legs, diarrhea, and dry or bright red gums.

11.    Guard the garden.

Choose pet-friendly plants to ensure your pets are safe. If ingested, the azalea can make your dog ill. Lock up this kind of shrubs since they pose fatal compounds for your dog. Other lawn care products should also be kept safe since they cause allergic reactions to the dogs.

12.    Keep cool indoors.

When your pet is indoors during summer turn on the AC when you know you will be out of the house for so long. If it is too hot for you, it is also too hot for the pet.



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