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Owning a dog and a cat can be really fun, that is if you love both of them. However, you might expect that dogs and cats will get along easily the first time you introduce them to each other but that’s not always the case. Dogs have been bred differently and this determines how they relate with cats.

The same case applies to cats. For example, the Sight-hound breed has been trained to hunt, this means that it will chase any fast-moving animal, even your cat. Dogs that were bred to herd will see the cat as another member of the heard, but not all cats love being bossed around.

You can train your dog, from when it is a puppy, to be friendly with your cat but different breeds of dogs relate differently to cats. Several factors like age, personality, and training will determine how well your dog and cat will get along. When looking for a dog that will readily get along with your cat, you have to do some research on the best dog breeds to choose from. The following is a list of some of the best dog breeds for cats.


Pug is a popular dog breed that originated in China. It’s very sociable, gentle, even-tempered and charming. They are always eager to have a companion and make friends with every animal they meet, even cats. You don’t have to worry about leaving the Pug alone with cats; they can keep each other company when you’re away.


Collie is a very active and friendly dog. It was bred as a herding dog but displays a high level of train-ability and companionship. They are able to easily fit in a daily family lifestyle so getting along with your cat won’t be a problem.


Basset Hounds are of the Hound breed, meaning they are stubborn and hard to live with. However, they get this way if you try to boss them around. Otherwise, they are known to readily socialize with children, pets and even strangers.


Beagle are famous chase dogs, they always have that instinct to give chase to anything that moves fast. However, not all Beagles are like that, they can be really friendly with other animals and can get along with your cat with a little training. However, you may need to ask for at the dog’s history, if he has been good with cats then you’re good to go.


These are some of the fiercest looking dogs but they have very tender hearts. They are known to be friendly with children and other pets. They also have a very easy going personality that allows them to welcome other pets’ companionship.


Labradors are fierce dogs at first due to their size and playfulness, but they eventually come to get along with cats. All they need is a little training and familiarizing with the cat and they will be best friends in no time. However, you need to choose carefully depending on the cat’ age. Older cats have no problem with Labrador puppies. Introduce the dog carefully and watch them for some time.


Papillions are a breed of dog known for their intelligence and fast learning traits. They are very friendly to almost everyone but not very welcoming to strangers. They are also very affectionate and social which makes them a perfect match for cats. Their size is also not very intimidating to cats.


The Golden Retriever is very playful as a puppy, chasing everything but inducing no harm. As they grow up, they still have the prey instincts but this doesn’t prevent them from being best friends with cats. They are very friendly, loving and also protective of both the cat and the owner.


To begin with, this dog’s size is almost the same as that of some cats. However, they can be very fierce and chasing the cat and other pets all the time. However, if a formal introduction is done, and some training, this dog can be very friendly, affectionate and playful, and very ready to associate with the cat.


The Boxer is a fierce dog, so your cat needs to be a tough one to deal with this dog. It’s one of the best dogs to train which means you can train it to be nice to your cat as it acts as a guard to the cat and you, the owner.


This dog doesn’t require any training to get along with your cat. They are naturally playful, social and always jovial. However, your cat needs to be playful and you need to teach your dog not to bother your cat when it wants to be left alone.


The dog breeds mentioned above are some of the best cat-friendly dogs. You still need to be careful because their personality may differ, but they should be the first in your list when getting a dog for your cat.


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