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Purified Type II Collagen w suplemencie na stawy


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Czy ktos ma doswiadczenia z tym suplementem

Each capsule contains:

• Chondroitin sulphate 125mg
• Glucosamine sulphate 125mg
• Vitamin C 100mg
• Manganese 10 mg
• Purified Type II Collagen 25 microgrammes.
Zastanawia mnie ten ostatni skladnik, dotychczas nie spotkalam sie z nim w preparatach na stawy. Kolejny chwyt reklamowy czy faktycznie cos w tym jest?
Ponizej fragment z opisu

C2Collaplex contains the same high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin as many of the more expensive competitor products and also contains Type II purified collagen.
Type II Collagen is the major protein of the cartilage in the joints. C2Collaplex is the only veterinary product to provide this protein in a purified form. It works by helping to switch off adverse processes and keeps cartilage normal.

Z gory dzieki za wasze opinie.
Zastanawiam sie nad tym preparatem. Odkad mamy stwierdzona jednostronna dysplazje szukam czegos troszke lepszego. Dotychczas podawalam Yumove-young and active, sklad ponizej [LEFT]Glucosamine HCl# 125mg[/LEFT]
Green Lipped Mussel * 180mg
Zinc sulphate 20mg
Hyaluronic Acid 1.5mg
Manganese 5mg
Vitamin C 15mg
Vitamin E 2.5mg

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