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  1. Hello few pup lovers, For the post about a price of an older bullie, where i live the price of an older bullie is 300.00 to 400.00. From what i know of the breed average age in our years is 8 to 10 years. English bulldogs are a full time job as any other dog but they do have more health problems ranging from heart problems to hip disorders. The wrinkles can build yeast like shar peis, especially their faces the wrinkles across the nose and push the eyes and need surgery. So if you are not responsible and don't have deep pockets its not the dog for you. Nothing infuriates me more than someone who buys or adopts a dog that throws any dog food in front of it (thinking dog food is dog food and its certainly not), or one who ties one to a tree, never gets them vet checked and maintained, or breeds them out for cash, and never pays attention to them treating like just a meer piece of property. Like...I bought my second english bulldog a week ago and i was hunting forums to let other people interested in one where i live to stay clear of where i got mine. Chloe was my xmas gift from my husband as mine passed away a few months ago (old age). He put a deposit down to a woman from my hometown, I didn't know about it till last friday. Well went went to pick her up. We get there she has bull mastiffs, boxers, other dogs i have no clue what the breed, in short a friggen puppy mill. T[URL="http://he"]he[/URL] smell was unreal and a mud hole i see dogs in fences in mud. We go in the house she had 14 bullie puppies 2 litters. They were covered in poop, IN THE HOUSE! The wooden boxes covered in poop and old food. I was mortified (apparently my husband didnt see the real mess) She handed her to me she smelled so bad, but that face I couldn't resist. Crap or not i paid the 1400.00 and took her, she was better off with me than there. I don't regrete it for a minute, chloe is wonderful. After 3 baths..lol...but..her #2 wasn't right (water) in my car on the way home everywhere. The vet papers said she was checked for worms, but not by sample. I got into my vet today after the yogurt and boiled chicken and rice nothing helped. She was full or well parasites. She lost a pound and she was only 5 pounds. She had to have anitbiotics, wormer, and special food her intestines are messed up from it. This woman should be banned from ever owning or selling a dog. So if you are in ohio and use the columbus dispatch to purchase a puppy don't call a 740-655 # and in laurelville stay clear! Anyone know grounds for calling humane society? I feel so bad for those animals. Sorry its so long but i needed to vent that out there..Thanks Raven[IMG]http://ravenpuffy.net/personnal%20pics/Chloe.jpg[/IMG]
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