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  1. Shoot, I know Ive seen a breed that looks like that... Ill have to go find it. :wink: The shelter I volunteer for had a dog that was around the same size and looked somewhat similar. Thats how I came across the breed picture and was like, "woah!" :P Gah, well, I cant find the breed but heres a picture of the other dog...

    Only she doesnt have a tail lol

  2. :angel: I figured you all would like him. :P :wink:

    A bit of an update...

    My mom isnt too thrilled about this pup being around. :( She wants the neighbors to put up something to block the holes. Which means just forget about the pup and let it live a sad, boring life outside even though the Texas heat could kill that poor pupppy. :evil: :cry: Right now is the best time to get him up for adoption before he gets too big. Not only that but this dog needs to be taken to a vet. He could have worms, fleas, ticks, who knows what else! :o :x ...that is my moms biggest concern: our pets' health.

    SO... what I NEED to do is raise about $200 to take him to the vet myself. Ive got about $60-70 so I still need at least $130. :-? I hate to ask, but would anyone want to give a few bucks? I really need to get money ASAP, because the sooner hes in good health, the sooner he can get adopted instead of ending up in their backyard all day long. :cry: Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

    Opened a paypal account, my email is [email][email protected][/email]

  3. Okay, for those of you who remember... I have some neighbors who have a dog (a pit bull or bulldog mix) that they leave outside 24/7. :roll: Well, recently they got a 6-week-old puppy. They said they are trying to find a home for it but I couldve sworn he said he paid for the pup. :-? It was only like $16 but still.... why would they get it if they didnt want it? Maybe it was a rescue but who knows....

    Anyway, this pup is 8 weeks now and has decided to take some interest in me and Kat. :P He goes under the fence and comes into our yard. The bully can get her head under but thats it. :lol: Im worried she might bite Kat because she always growls and charges at the fence when shes around. :x Might be motherly instinct ...or she just plain doesnt like other dogs, especially other females near her yard. Either way, I just hope Kat doesnt get herself into trouble with that dog. :roll: :-?

    Today the pup has stayed in our yard all day. :lol: I dont blame him.... I gave him food (he acted like he was starving to death! :o :( ), plenty of toys, affection, plus he has Kat to keep him entertained. :D Poor thing gets beat up by his "momma" dog and gets no human interaction which is crutial at this age. :( Both dogs dont have their shots... which is definitely a worry. :o :( Hopefully, I can convince my mom to let me foster him until January and I can get him adopted out.... or keep him. :wink: :lol:

    Well, here he is!
    Isnt he cute? Probably a chow/retriever mix. He has black spots on his tongue, but Kat has more than him so he cant have too much chow in him...

    I have to go now though. The dogs are waiting at the back door and want in. :lol:

  4. Ash, youre right [i]dog[/i] treadmills are considered to be linked with dog-fighting but I have an electric one that humans use and they arent considered the same thing. :wink:

    JM, luckily for you, your 3 entertain each other... unfortunately with Kat I have to be outside with her and recently I just havent been up to it. Plus with my hot flashes, I get overheated so easily and I cant cool down. :( Stupid meds... :roll:

    Shara and ESS, Kat was so feckin scared of the treadmill when she first saw it. :o So, just like with other objects I made her sit by it while I gave her treats. Then I moved to walking her over it and eventually sitting on it. The first time I tried to get her to actually walk on it while it was on, she nearly choked herself to death... she just would not go forward! So, I picked her up and had her walk it but not put all of her weight on it... sorry I cant really explain it better than that lol. The I tried again. She still would just drag her back feet along it, choking herself. :x What I hadnt tried was a harness! Since I dont have one I had just tried the collar but since it wasnt working I got creative... I just used her leash and wrapped it around her body and tied that to the e-mill. She resisted at first but then she gave up and figured out she has to just go with it. The first few times I walked her on it she went off the side or jumped off the front :lol: ...but now she likes it! I dont have to make her get on it anymore she actually wants to. :D

  5. I havent been feeling like taking Kat for a walk but I want her to lose some weight (since shes gained about 20 lbs since we got her) so I have her on the treadmill right now. :oops: :lol:

    She used to be scared to death of it, like everything else in the house, lol. I got her adjusted to it though and now I can finally run her on it... supervised of course. :wink: Right now shes going a bit slower at 2mph but I had her going up to 4.5 at one point. Plus shes an the highest level of incline...

    Until I get myself in gear to walk her, Im putting her on the mill for a while. Anyone else get lazy like me and put their dog(s) on the treadmill? Or, if youre not just lazy lol, have a situation where you cant walk them outside? What precautions should do you take?

    [size=2]I know some of you are probably gonna kick my ass for putting her on there because it can be dangerous... but shes always supervised and I make sure to check her pads afterwards to make sure theyre ok as well as make sure shes hydrated and not over-stressed. :wink: [/size]

  6. Kat only LOVES me and my mom.... but moreso me. :lol: She likes other people but it takes her a while to warm up to you. Shes quicker to bond with you if you have a dog with ya though. :wink: She does NOT like men at all... or children! Oh God, she nearly chokes herself to death trying to get away from kids. :o :( I still make her sit/stay and let them pet her, because most of the time they just run right up without asking anyway. :roll: :x She definitely warms up to calm, gentle people a lot quicker than "preppy" people. You have to be very, verycpatient with her.

    Shilo (my old dog who was a lab/husky mix supposedly but the more I look back I think she had some border collie or australian shepherd in her) was a great judge of character from what I remember. She loved everyone but didnt neccesarily [i]like[/i] everyone. She knew who had a good soul and who had a bad one. I loved her, she was such a great dog. :angel:

  7. Oh god, dont get me started on Boxers! :x :lol: They are an AWESOME breed but such a HANDFUL!!!! :drinking:

    Ive never owned one but I have interacted with quite a few. The one I work with, Duke, is the dog from hell. :lol: Hes the sweetest dog but when Im scooping up poop he clamped down on that freakin thing like a gator. :o :roll: Its funny, sure, but he ends up knocking all the crap everywhere after I spent a lot of time cleaning it up. Just to give you an idea of how much were talking about here, theres about 50 dogs on the property. :o :lol: He doesnt listen at all.... he pulls on leash... nothing can stop him and hes as stubborn as hell. :-? Chokers and prongs dont work on him. He knows the word "sit" but only listens when we wants to or kows theres a treat involved. :roll: :lol:

  8. LOL yuppers, Ive had the same problem... cat isnt interested, but dogs are. When I had lil Maggie Mae the pit bull puppy she loved the littlw wind-up mouse we had gottten for the cat. Kat, on the other hand, is scared of the noise it makes. :lol:

  9. Yes Court. :wink:
    So thats possible in this case BUT as different as all their markings look, in structure and face they all look VERY similar... but not because of mom. Theyre very hound-like. The mom is pretty tiny too, but her offspring full-grown are big... plus they have short, short fur like boxers and pits, not like their mom and other labs. I dunno what daddy was! :-? :lol:

  10. FDF, Nikki is a pit but Rex is a lab mix. His mom is nearly purebred black lab and we dont know who daddy is. He had to be brindle though because Rex is brindle and so is another one of the dogs form that litter... the others are black and white or black and tan though. The one looks like a dobe. So, its hard to say what the dad mightve been.

  11. DL, Ive seen PETA commercials on tv a few times. As much as I hate PETA too, the message that they were spreading in one of the commercials I saw wasnt a bad one. It was just about reporting animal abusers and gave a lot of facts about serial killers starting with animals etc.

    Hmmmm, I agree, but Im sure people just figure theyre helping out a good cause... little do they know, theyre supporting terrorism, propaganda, etc. etc. Ugh, if people would just do a little more research... :roll:

  12. [url]http://tmz.aol.com/article1?id=20051129174309990001[/url]

    [b]The Joaquin Video the Networks Didn't Want You to See
    [i]Phoenix ad too hot for TV[/i][/b]

    TMZ has obtained a 30-second PETA commercial featuring Joaquin Phoenix gleefully pushing a shopping cart through grocery aisles. Suddenly, the scene turns dark as Joaquin eyeballs dead turkeys. The 'Walk the Line' star looks into the camera lens with an ominous warning: "Holidays can be murder on turkeys."

    Officials from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) say they attempted to purchase commercial time on the major TV networks for this ad several years ago, before Phoenix rose to mega-stardom. PETA tells TMZ the networks rejected the offer, some calling it "too graphic," others claiming it inappropriately advocated a position.

    TMZ placed calls to the major networks. They never got back to us.

    Personally, I dont find it graphic in the least bit... especially considering the other ads PETA has put out. What do you all think?

  13. I dont see much RR, but JMO... I was kind of thinking pit bull with maybe a bit of Great Dane. The thick tail, jowls, wrinkles on the forhead, ears, and paws make me think pit bull but I could be wrong. Great Dane I see in the face and makes sense considering how big he is. Theres something else in him that I cant quite make out :-? maybe its lab or some other retriever type, who knows.

    Hes the cutest lil pup... or rather big pup now. :lol: :wink:

  14. I thought this was a really cute pic. :angel:


    Rex trying to get the camera, and Nikki sitting in the background. :lol:
    Straydog doggies, if you didnt figure that out. :wink:

  15. Oh, I didnt see Alanas post either... :oops:

    I agree. I mean, I like these shirts because they show the REAL pit bull instead of some mutts or staffs... but I dont exactly like the tough dog image theyre giving off. Hey, if someone makes a cute shirt with a positive message using a gamebred APBT, Ill be thrilled. Unfortunately I havent seen it happen yet. :-? :x

  16. Michele, R2 was hijacking the thread just as much as anyone else was. About the personal attacks, I didnt really see any from DrJ... but at least he has the balls to apologize. Its one thing to disagree but quite another to bring in comments about celebrities money etc. and name-call. I respect everyone heres opinion but, sorry, I personally feel that R2 was taking things a bit too serious. I dunno, maybe you just dont understand when you have to draw the line at being sarcastic. I know thats a part of your personality, but I find it rude in these kind of situations.

    I dont hold a grudge with anyone here... Ive gotten over doing that because its just a waste of time and energy. However, I do loose some respect for a person when they cant even apologize for hurting someones feelings. I love you guys here at Dogo, but geez, so much drama... :roll: :lol:

  17. In reply to Goo anbd Abs,
    I guess what I was imagining was one dog on each side, not right next to each other. In that case, I agree it wouldnt be too safe for the person or the dogs, but on each side, I could and have handled. As long as the dog gives up after being corrected then I can handle it, but severe aggression *shakes head* I wouldnt put the dogs or myself in that situation, beause like you said Goo, dumb is dumb.

    When I walk two dogs together like that, (if they happen to catch me off guard) its easier, and safer, to grab them if they have a harness on in addition to the choke chain or prong. Since Straydog has so many dog aggressive dogs, Ive had to learn this technique to make things a bit easier. Although Id prefer to have another person with me when trying to walk (and teach tolerance of other animals to) these dogs, its not always an option.

    I know I probably have an unpopular opinion with certain methods, but I rely on experience. I know whats worked and what hasnt... which does usually depend on the dog. I do put myself into the dogs place, think like them. I swear I was a wolf in another life. :lol: I believe pack structure is key, like Court has said.

    Im sure as my experience grows, Ill change my views a bit. I love learning, especially about dogs and their behaviour. At Doggie Kamp, its so easy to observe pack behaviour. I absolutely LOVE watching the dogs interact... challenging each other, showing affection among themselves, etc. It can be hard watching the Omegas get beat on but its part of the pack life. The Alphas dont do much... like Court stated, its mostly the Betas. The Alphas are respected and dont usually start trouble but definitely dont back down when challenged, if they even accept it, which they usually dont. Which is why I believe when a problem arises you ignore it or address it, Ceasar has stated this before also. If you choose to address the issue you cannot let the dog win.

    Anyhoo, enough talk from me. :oops: :lol:

  18. Kat, I dont see how a choke chain is any different than pinching a dogs ear... but alright.

    Goo, good post, but e-collars? Ive never noticed. If he does use those, Im def. not happy with that. Can you provide more information about where you got that from?

    I would walk a dog-aggressive dog next to another dog... unless it was a gamebred APBT. :o :wink: If both dogs are on lead it wouldnt be too hard too keep them apart. I wouldnt call it risking his dog, he knows the situation well enough to know that nothing too bad can happen. I have done the same thing, but not walked them both myself. I wouldnt dare do that on my own.

    Even if she had lunged to attack, I had her under control... all I had to do was pull her back. It happened before. Once she got over trying, she just ignored him.

  19. The situation with you and Jan is irrelevant, Jan didnt want to train you or Kes, she just wanted Kes to shut up. :lol:

    Ok, well the dog is learning but I think whats more important is the owners learning too. With the choke chain Ceasar corrects a dog thats showing bad behaviour. :wink: So the dog is learning whats acceptable and what isnt. A quick jerk and release when the dog isnt focusing on anything other than the task at hand, be it walking, sitting, whatever. With dog-aggressive dogs, he corrects the dog when any aggression is shown. Eventually he can walk the dogs together. Ive done the same thing with a pit bull who was showing aggression towards Duke, the crazy boxer. I brought her to him put her in s it and corrected her with the choke chain when ever she showed signs of aggression.

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