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  1. Taurus is in my thoughts. Kia has slowed down much more in the past 6 months. (She just turned 6) She was very active till she had that seizure a year ago. Since then she just hasn't been the same. But she seems to enjoy agility. :)
  2. Ow! I hope you're doing better. My friend had her leg broken when her dog did the same thing. :o :(
  3. So glad to hear they are buddies again! :D
  4. [quote name='DivineOblivion19'][color=indigo]ROTFLMFAO! I'm sure the guy wasn't laughing! Hopefully he was nice about it... I can't imagine a big bully head smashing into my face knocking out a tooth! Must have felt really nice. :cunao:[/color] [/quote] We were all really shocked. Thankfully they guy is a dog owner and lover so he didn't blame Caly. He knew she was just really excited. Heela felt so bad and insisted she pay for the dental work. It was dark and we tried to find the tooth but had no luck. :(
  5. [quote name='DivineOblivion19'][color=indigo] Poor Michele, bent down to see Divina and Divina shot up to see Michele and cut her on the bridge of the nose! I felt horrible. Luckily she didn't care.[/color][/quote] Kia sort of did this to my boyfriends brother (though I feel he deserved it). He was tossing popcorn into the air and catching it with his mouth. Pretty much teasing her. Well he thru one piece more outwards than up and tried to get it and Kia leapt up at the same time. They bashed faces and he ended up with a bloody nose. :P We actually thought he broke it but it wasn't. He's lucky she didn't accidently nip him. I'm amazed she ddin't since her mouth was opening as she leapt. My neighbor was walking her pittie mix and a guy bent down to pet her just as Caly leapt up. Knocked one of his teeth out. :o ow.
  6. [b]My darling Kia, it was 3 years ago this day that I walked into the shelter and you stole my heart with your shy look... [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/kiamisc/Kia.jpg[/img] I saved your life and then you saved mine. We sure have been thru a lot together. I almost lost you last year and I thank the powers that be every day for having you in my life. You've changed my life for the better and I hope I have changed yours. Happy 6th Birthday sweet girl. Momma loves you. [/b] [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/kiamisc/at_andys/kia_laying2.jpg[/img] [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/kiamisc/at_home/kia_tongue_couch.jpg[/img]
  7. Let's see: "Is that a wolf?!" "Your dogs eyes are FREAKY!" "Is your dog wearing contacts?" and my ultimate favorite... "That dog is the spawn of satan!! Don't look into it's eyes! It'll steal your soul!!!" this from a woman at my old apartment. She was yelling this at her kids, frantically waving her arms, while Kia sat outside my sliding door giving her a :WTF: look. :roll: :lol: :drinking:
  8. Too adorable!!!!! :D Best of luck! :angel:
  9. Totally an accident. Don't let those doctors get you down. My cat took a chunk out of my finger. (My fault. I tried to pick him up after letting a stray dog that followed me home into the house. Cat panicked, bit, and ran.) Most of the doctors and nurses kept telling me to get rid of the cat. :o :evil: :roll: I got so tired of saying, "It wasn't the cats fault." Yeesh! Hugs to you, X, and Asim.
  10. Oh yeah! I want some of that banana action! :lol: :banan: :jumpie: :banan: Glad to hear he's outta there!
  11. Kia's second class went well, but not as good as the first. There was something on the ground that was distracting her. She just wouldn't focus and I had to put on the stern "mommy" voice. Ugh. I didn't want too because I want her to have fun with it, but geez! All she wanted to do was smell the grass. 2nd class we worked on the A-Frame, Dogwalk, Suspension Bridge, and a few jumps. Kia did well with the contact obstacles (A-Frame, Dogwalk, and bridge), though she leaps onto the A-Frame so high she misses the part she needs to touch (the part in yellow). Something we'll work on. Kia was so lazy with the jumps she practically stepped over them and didn't care if she knocked em down. :roll: :( Something we'll REALLY have to work on. But overall, she did good and didn't balk at any of the obstacles. We even practiced again with tunnels and she did the closed tunnel three times without pausing or help! :D Looking forward to class 3. :) Got a few impromptu pics toward the end of class. :) [b]Kia on the A-Frame (with Instuctor Janet in the background) [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/agility/kia_aframe.jpg[/img] On the bridge [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/agility/kia_bridge1.jpg[/img] The newest member of the class, Eli the Sheltie, in the background. [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/agility/kia_bridge2.jpg[/img] The chute! [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/agility/kia_chute1.jpg[/img] [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/agility/kia_chute2.jpg[/img] Coming down the dogwalk [img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/agility/kia_dogwalk.jpg[/img] [/b]
  12. [quote name='Dog Lover']BEHOLD THE POWER OF DOGS! :o[/quote] Exactly!! :o
  13. Poor thing!!! :o :( :cry: :evil: @ the scum who did it.
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