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  1. IF it is conjunctivitis then he will very uncomfortable if it is left :(

    When we got Charlie he came with conjunctivitis that had been left untreated and he had huge weepy scabs on both sides of his nose where his dew claws had scratched his skin when he pawed his eyes :(

    I know you are a caring owner crested and I can understand if money is tight but he could be in a lot of discomfort hunny :(

  2. Erin,please try to understand why people here are so upset,it doesn't mean we are wrong,it means we care.........

    I for one am grateful that there are people out there like K who stand up for those without a voice :(

    I for one have personal reasons for hating what this guy is doing,I have had a BYB puppy,it just so happens that he was a novelty too because he was a beautiful blue,I'm not going into that now,anyone here who is important to me knows his story anyway.

    You may not think it's our business to get personal but to me and many others this does feel personal.

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