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  1. 9 DOG BREEDS THAT RARELY NEED TO VISIT THE VET Nowadays dogs are part of our families, and as members of the family, we want the best for them. All dogs suffer from diseases at one point in their lives, but some are more prone to illnesses than others A dog can’t be 100% healthy throughout its lifetime, but if you are looking for dogs that are more resilient, read along for a comprehensive list. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD The Australian Shepherd, commonly known as the Aussie, is one of the healthiest dogs. However, it’s known to be prone to diseases like Epilepsy but generally, they can maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long time. They are highly active dogs that are eager to please and love physical activity. When trained well, fed well and exercised regularly, they can live up to 15 years. GERMAN SHEPHERD The German shepherds are some of the most common dog breeds, being used in many departments such as the security department They are also commonly known for being protective of their owners as well as being loyal. They are a very energetic dog, and when fed correctly and exercised regularly, they can live for more than 10 years. ALASKAN MALAMUTES This is one dog known for its strength and it’s mainly found in cold areas such as Alaska. It has a lifespan of about 10 years when taken care of. They do have some health issues that are hereditary such as the Cataracts, and Hip Dysplasia. Just like I mentioned above, being a healthy dog doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some health issues, it means that the dog is capable of living and appearing healthy despite the illness. BERGAMASCO This dog is famous for its dreadlocks, but it’s also a very friendly dog. It originated in the Italian Alps where it was used for herding and has continued to be adopted in other departments and the famous dog shows. This dog is known to have very few health issues. However, not much research has been done about this dog to know the facts about the health issues it’s prone to. However, based on fist and information from witnesses, Bergamasco has few health issues and can live up to 13 years. PHARAOH HOUND This dog has not gained much popularity, but it has been around for a very long time. It originated in Malta as a rabbit hunting dog. The existence of this dog has also been traced back 2000 years ago, in Egypt, since it’s similar to the dogs drawn in the Egyptian caves. Since it has not become very popular, this dog boasts of a pure breed that hasn’t been interfered with by the introduction of new genes. Therefore, Pharaoh hound is free of genetic diseases. They have a few health issues and can live up to 14 years. ROTWEILLER They are known as some o the largest dogs among all breeds. Despite being large, they are friendly and protective of their owners. However, due to their strength, they are not made for everyone Rottweillers are some of the healthiest dogs. However, they are prone to Hip Dysplasia, and a few Genetic diseases. They can live for up to 10 years. WHIPPET Whippet is a dog of the Sighthound group and its existence is traced back to England. They are quite popular since they participate in sports. The only health issue that the Whippet has is Arrhythmia, the disruption of the heart’s heartbeat rate. They are very energetic and active and are known to move briskly. Their physical activity prevents them from acquiring diseases related to too much body fat. CANAAN DOG The Canaan dog is best known for its friendliness to humans. However, it’s not good with kids and doesn’t entertain strangers. They are very healthy dogs with very few health issues. They occasionally suffer from Epilepsy, hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patela, but this doesn’t prevent them from maintaining a healthy body for more than 10 years. IBIZAN HOUND The Ibizan Hound portrays a lean body shape and it’s very strong and athletic. This dog breed is also very entertaining and friendly. They are also known for their numerous escape tactics. They have very few health issues including allergies, seizures. Like many other dogs of this build, they are sensitive to barbiturate Anesthesia. This is due to low-fat contents in their bodies. CONCLUSION These dog breeds are some of the healthiest, some have some health issues but they can still live for a long time despite these issues. However, it’s important to note that even though you have a healthy dog, proper care is important. You should also be careful when purchasing these dogs; irresponsible breeding has led to the introduction of diseases to some dog breeds that are thought to be healthy.
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    THE 6 BEST POLICE DOGS IN SERVICE We may have the strength, the brains and all types of weapons to hunt down criminals and maintain order, but that’s not enough. We lack instincts, tracking, and sniffing ability. Loyalty is also an issue for some people, even those in the trained forces. This is where dogs come in. They are loyal, strong, and very good at tracking and sniffing, you could never go wrong with dogs. Dogs are being used in a lot of departments these days, but one of the most common is the Police department. They’re usually in the K-9 dog unit. Their tracking ability makes them well suited for tracking criminals and also in search and rescue missions. Their sniffing ability makes them suitable for drug-sniffing, their loyalty and strength make them fit as protection dogs. However, these traits vary depending on the dog breed. Some dogs are better than others when it comes to sniffing, tracking, protecting and training. If a dog doesn’t take commands easily, he’s not fit for police service. The following is a list of the best dogs that are already in service in the police department. GERMAN SHEPHERD I think the German Shepherd is one of the most famous dogs associated with Police service. They are some of the best in training and following instructions. The police and Military use them for detection, patrolling, and tracking criminals. The German Shepherd is also used by the military for warning in case of an enemy, sensing booby traps and even participating in anti-tank missions. They also participate in search and rescue missions. They are very loyal and easy to train. ROTTWEILLER Rottweillers are known to be herding dogs; their strength is their gathering style and ability to deal with stubborn animals. They are known to develop affection with someone or an animal after staying with them for some time. This means they will readily protect their handler and intimidate a stranger, making them perfect for police service. They are very obedient, devoted to their job and have a certain level of temper. They are also known to be fearless and always alert of their surroundings. BEAGLE Beagle has been known for hunting hare, aided by its strong sense of smell. This makes them a perfect candidate for sniffing dogs. Nowadays, they are used to sniff for drugs or other illegal substances that they are trained for. They are more specialized on ground-based searching and it doesn’t take them very long to find an object. This sniffing and tracking ability makes them fit for some search and rescue missions that don’t involve following an air scent, they are poor at following air scents. However, they’re overall obedient and even-tempered; good characteristics of a police dog. BLOOD HOUND The Blood Hound had been originally trained for hunting animals such as the deer, boars even tracking people. Nowadays it’s considered as the best scent dogs. This dog has the ability to isolate an individual’s scent, even though it has stayed for days. In addition to the scent, this dog also has great tracking instincts making it the ideal dog for searching escaped prisoners, lost pets and missing people. DOBERMAN PINSCHER The Doberman Pinscher, commonly nicknamed as Dobie, is more of an athletic dog used to hunt don criminals. This dog is known to be very intelligent, loyal, and a little aggressive to strangers. They are also very loyal, intelligent and alert. They are mainly trained to chase down a criminal and hold him down until the handler comes or police officer comes. Being strong, intelligent and a little stubborn gives them some power over the criminal. LABRADOR You could consider this as a soft dog since it is used as a therapy dog, aid to the blind and to people with autism. However, this dog has been used for hunting and when trained properly, it can help the Police in sniffing narcotics and other illegal substances. Besides having a great sense of smell, they are also very obedient, loyal and fearless. CONCLUSION Dogs definitely have a skill set that we humans don’t possess. Some can follow ground-based scents, others can follow air scents, and others are very strong to hold down criminals. These strengths vary depending on the breed type. Above all, they are also very loyal, fearless and devoted.
  3. I think this would be perfect for how to socialize a dog with humans . As a dog owner, you may already know or should know that your dog can be anxious, fearful or aggressive if not socialized properly. So socializing your dog is essential.
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    Most Popular German Dog Breeds

    We all have reasons to love Germany, from its beauty to its brilliant beer to the people and many other reasons. Then there is the long list of lovable dogs. Germans have various breeds of native dogs. The Innovet Pet Husky Shepherd mix is a crossbreed between the German Shephard and the adorable Siberian Husky. Here is a list of the Most Popular German Dog Breeds to hail from the country: · American Eskimo Dog Believe it or not, an American Eskimo has nothing to do with the Americans and has no links with the Eskimos. It is a very friendly dog, a bit fluffy and originates from the German Spitz. It was discovered in the 1800s and was one of the earliest dogs to learn and perform tricks. Found in the Midwest of Germany, where it was known to have arrived first in the 19th century. It was the first dog to perform tricks such as walking on a tightrope as trained. Its name changed to American Eskimo due to the anti-german protests that were present at the time. This dog is highly lovable. Source: Wikipedia. com · Boxer According to AKC stats, the Boxer, German breed, is a very popular breed in the U. S. A. During the world war the Germans introduced boxer as a helpful tool in the war. Their characteristics make them largely loved. It can stand using its back legs only and confront its opponent like a professional boxer, hence the name Boxer. They originate from Munich, Germany and used by the German hunters for hunting. It has been there since the 19th century. Source: Wikipedia. com · Dachshund This type of breed, the Dachshund is very old going back in German’s history. They date back as early as the 16th century. They have a unique and very strong sense of smell. Nicknamed ‘badger dogs’ due to their elongated canine teeth, which they used to dig rodents from the ground. They are nice to people, very lovable and love to play, so are mostly kept in homes. · Doberman Pinscher This breed, the Doberman Pinscher originally came from Germany in the 18th century; it is usually black and quite muscular. The breed got its name from Louis Dobermann from Apolda who as a tax collector. He used to own the dog and liked keeping it as his guard. It is an excellent protector of man, as labeled by Louis. Doberman, mostly used by police due to its ability to absorb and retain training. It is also very loyal, obedient and humble. · German Shepherd The German Shepherd breed is the most popular breed in Germany. First unleashed in the year 1899 by a captain was known as Credit Max von Stephanitz. In his search for a dog good enough to work for him, he came across the German shepherd. The qualities of his type of dog impressed him, which include being confident, courageous, smart, strong and very loyal. It gives birth to many puppies and is loved worldwide. With its qualities, it is considered a ‘family dog’ and is very fond of children. · Great Dane ‘King of dogs’ is the popular nickname given to the Great Dane. It has qualities such as being elegant, strong and is large no wonder the nickname. They are great family dogs since they are also very loving and gentle. The Germans have bred them since the 1800s. Years ago, they were for hunting before but nowadays are kept in homes to secure the places. · Leonberger The Leonberger breed at one point in time almost went extinct only to be bred and recreated by two Germans who felt the need to keep the breed alive. They were at first kept for family reasons, to help with such things as farming. Later, they became modeling dogs due to their beautiful lion-like looks. · Miniature Pinscher The Miniature Pinscher breed, usually referred to as the ‘King of toys’ since it is a tiny Min Pin. They are cheeky but very smart. Nowadays, they get taken for daily walks for exercise purposes. Its fur is compact and very smooth, making them have nice looks. People love them, and the fact that they are always alert makes them more lovable. The breed is a good pet for apartment dwellers. Source: Wikipedia. com · Miniature Schnauzer These Miniature Schnauzers have been around since 1899. Originally bred to help in farming, they were able to keep farms in check, ground to catch rats and other unwanted rodents on farms. Its name comes of the Standard Schnauzer from Germany. Nowadays they are mostly kept in small city apartments and being a good pet for apartment dwellers they love it and seems to have coped with that well. · Poodle Sadly, for these Poodle dogs get equated to having no brains which are weird since, in reality, these dogs are very clever, active and obedient when it comes to training. Germany has been keeping all the three types of poodle dogs breed, which are mostly differentiated by their sizes. This breed can swim quite efficiently using the ‘poodle clip’ that was created by German hunters to help the dog move through water during hunting activities. Conclusion Those are the most popular types, but Germany has very many breeds, and the best dogs get bred in Germany according to experts which I cannot dispute because the few types we’ve covered have such great traits. Great cross breeds such as the Innovetpet Husky Pitbull mix are all products of German and American breeds. More Stories on Dogomania: http://www.dogomania.com/forum/topic/55628-best-breeder/ http://www.dogomania.com/forum/profile/31590-bensam/?do=content&all_activity=1&page=2