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  1. Hello, I'm from Texas and currently looking for any advice that can help me with my situation. My neighbors down the street are the owners of 4 bullies that have attacked and killed our 9 baby kittens on Sunday, 8/19/18 & one of the momma cats on Monday, 8/20/18. I came home to our baby kittens mauled and spread out all over my neighbors front yard & mine. I couldn't bare to pick them up and had my boyfriend do it for me...bless his heart. Then on Monday, which happened to be my kids first day of school, I heard what I thought was thunder and opened the front door to look. I saw 3 of the 4 bullies with Kiki (our momma cat) in their mouths stretching, bitting & trying to rip her apart! I immediately ran outside and chased after these dogs! Kiki was hurt really bad & I ended up getting her to the vet, however she didn't make it through the night. My kids & I are very attached to our animals & losing them the way we did was horrific! I called the police & animal control on both these days this occurred & they're trying their best to help & were only able to write the owner a citation. This morning my neighbor met me at my car while we're on our way to school and he let me know the dogs came by our houses again at about 2:30 A.M. I then noticed my license plate, as well as the plastic that holds it on my car, were both torn off and scratched. I looked at my car and saw that it had huge paw prints all over it & covered in scratches from the dogs. These dogs continue to come back to my house with the intention of killing the 3 adult cats that we have left! I'm upset & angry & want to know if theres anything I can do?! I have young children & so do my neighbors & we're all afraid for their safety! I'm not looking for money, but for help on putting a stop to these dogs terrorizing our neighborhood! No amount of money could ever replace the loss of an animal you love. I also found out this owner is planning on breeding his 4 bullies. Please help! Here are pictures of 3 of the 4 bullies. -Concerned parent.
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