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dog food, dog food, more dog food... which one is good??

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Napisany 26 marzec 2005 - 20:33

Now that I've finally gotten rid of all the Eukanuba (yeah yeah, I hear the stories now that I didn't hear back when I bought it). In any case, I want to start Kiani on something she's going to like, and something I can stick to and afford in the long run. She's had store brand food, which she hated and only ate when she was very hungry (luckily it was a very small bag that some one gave to me). She had Purina ONE, which she liked a lot. I think I went through those bags twice as fast as anything else. Then after I ran out of that bag, I wanted to go buy some more, but money was a little tight, and kari said to give her the Eukanuba that we originally bought for moogle. There wasn't ever going to be another dog to give it to, and we shouldn't let it go to waste. She didn't like it, but didn't hate it like the store brand food. So I went by a pet store the other day (who is "sponsered" by Nutro), so they always recommend it, and give away free packets of the food. So I've been giving Kiani that and she seems to like it. Not as much as Purina, but a little more than Eukanuba.
I know, by-product, and meal product is bad, and rice is good for digesting, but what should be first?? What percentages should I look for??

She's a very active dog (since she does a lot of pulling), so I don't want to give her something that's not going to satisfy her nutritional needs.
I really want to go back to Purina ONE sensitive system (to help her long coat and she seems to have a bit of dry skin). But every time I read something new, it seems like every commercial brand is horrible for any dog.

If I had my way, I'd go apply for food stamps (since my income without Kari's is very low, I could be approved) and cook her up a really good meal every day, but work doesn't allow for that.

#2 DogPaddle


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Napisany 26 marzec 2005 - 20:40

If your looking for a nice balance between cost and quality I'd suggest Canidae. It has no byproduct, no stuff added that doesn't need to be, has a good identified animal protein as the first ingredient and other quality protiens as well. You could also check out Wysong, Wellness, Innova and similar foods. You will almost certainly have to go to a pet specialty store.

Does anyone have that link for that food grading tool that someone posted here? I'm not on my own pc so I can't find it.

#3 TDG


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Napisany 26 marzec 2005 - 22:43

click on my signature image. you'll find plenty to read.

if you don't want to go work through all of it at once, start out with the article on "identifying better products".

i hope it helps. :)
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