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cultivating a new mindset and mastering a new toolkit that allow us to appreciate and build use of our brains' incredible properties. 12. In all aspects, elite performers devote an extended a opportunity to use than to the particular performance. To function at the maximum stage, you need to secured and improve perform out and studying time. 13. We need to expand our vocabulary: "IQ" and "memory" do not encompass all of the brain's functions.  neuro defend The emotional capabilities are composed of neuronal networks serving distinct functions, such as various types of storage area space, but also terminology, emotional regulation, interest, planning, and many others. For just about any because our way of lifestyle and productivity depend on the functionality of all these ideas functions, not just one. 14. The more software of pressure is activated (i.e., the more often the worries fire together), the better the connections become. If software assisting a considering methods is repeatedly activated by taking exercise and coaching, it will become better, contributing to the optimization of that considering methods... the less software of pressure is activated the weaker the connections become, and weak connections end up dying. This accounts for the favored concept "use it or decrease it" - ideas functions that are not activated end up dropping their performance since the sensors networks assisting them weaken or dissipate. 15. Exercising and coaching are different... Exercising (e.g. swimming) refers to the



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